Kit Harington, Chris Evans, & More Perform Their Favorite Prince Songs & It's Completely Adorable

It's hard to believe it's already been more than a month since Prince unexpectedly died of an opioid overdose, but his presence is definitely still felt as fans continue to remember his music and his impact. And since Tuesday is officially Prince Day in honor of his birthday, what better way to memorialize him than through listening to and singing his songs? In a video from W magazine, celebrities sang their favorite Prince songs with adorable results. So many different stars were there, from Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Elle Fanning and even Cindy Crawford, and while music may not be a lot of these people's day jobs, they weren't half bad.

And Game of Thrones fans, you're really going to like this one, because Kit Harington heads the whole thing up by introducing the his rendition of "Little Red Corvette," which he chose to speak instead of sing. His reading of the lyrics makes it sound like a totally different piece of writing altogether, and his precious little giggle at the end definitely doesn't hurt. I hate that Prince is gone, but I am so glad this video happened, because it's seriously that cute. Words cannot do it justice; you have to watch it for yourself.

Nate Parker's version of "Diamonds and Pearls" is definitely entertaining, too, especially when Chris Evans contributes. Spoiler: He's not the best vocalist, though it's hard not to laugh as he's laughing at himself. Plus, Elle Fanning is a surprisingly talented singer as she belts out "Kiss." Who knew?!

I miss Prince already, but this video helps, even if just a little bit.