Hades Is The Real Hero of 'Hercules'

It’s fair to say that, no matter how deep you get into adulthood (or, you know, “adulthood”), you can’t get rid of how much you love Disney movies; the only thing that changes is your alliances. Yes, when you’re, for example, re-watching 1997's Hercules , your eyes start to diverge from Herc’s bulging cartoon biceps, and you begin to notice how Hades got the short end of the stick. In fact, if you look into it, Hades is the real hero of Hercules .

All right, so I’ll admit that he does maybe one or two or thousands of heinous things. You know, he’s the Lord of the Underworld; being evil is part of his brand. Still, if you re-asses the beginnings of Hercules, and look at Hades motives in a different light, he is totally sympathetic and honorable in his way. And, like many Disney Villains before him, he serves as the catalyst for the entire movie. You take away the conflict, you don’t have a beloved cartoon classic.

And honestly? He’s just so gosh darn cool.

But if you need a little more hard evidence than my fangirl gushing, I have notes. Consider these 12 reasons why Hades may actually be a hero in his own right.

1. Hades Was Unfairly Held Down With His Whole Ruling-The-Underworld Job

Zeus saddled his brother up with that job, so, while the ruler of Olympus was playing with clouds and thunder all day, his brother was stuck maintaining the order of dead souls. Yeah, I'd be pretty bitter about that.

2. Zeus Also Makes Awful Dad Jokes About Hades "Working Himself To Death"

And all the other fun-loving gods laugh and laugh at Hades nonstop work flow.

3. Meanwhile, Nobody Is Out There Appreciating Hades' Own Sardonic Wit

I think you're hilarious, bb.

4. Hades Probably Never Got To Go To Anger Management Classes Because Of Aforementioned Work Schedule

So who's really to blame for that? Zeus again.

5. Hades Inadvertently Exposed Hercules To The Painful Nuances Of The Human Condition

I mean, whatever, it may have been via attempted infanticide. Consider the following though: Hades' attempt to be rid of Baby Herc led to him becoming near-human, and subsequently becoming a stronger (literally, emotionally, otherwise) person of real character. If Hercules had stayed as Olympus's golden boy, he would've become Greek Mythology's Serena Van Der Woodsen. Mark my words.

6. Even His Friends Aren't Loyal To Him

Not only are Pain and Panic basically useless as minions, they can't even walk into Hades' domain without boasting all of Herc's merchandise. Seriously, fam?

7. Seriously, He Has To Do Everything Because He's Surrounded By Idiots

"Olympus would be that way."

8. Nobody Can Call Him A Quitter

If at first you don't succeed, send every mythological beast to kill off your nephew. You have to admire that kind of determination.

9. He Gives Meg Real Talk About Men

It just happens that Hercules is the exception to the rule, but, otherwise, Hades knows that all men are basically scum. It's fine.

10. All He Was Trying To Do Was Follow A Dream

A dream of overthrowing his brother and exposing the mortal world to elemental suffering. Haven't you ever had a dream?

11. And In A Way, He Gave Hercules The Opportunity To Achieve His Dream

He made Hercules a mortal in the first place, but, you know, technicality. Without Hades' bold attempt to gain control of Olympus and Earth, Hercules never would've become a "hero." Hades gave Hercules purpose, throughout.

12. Oh, And He's James Woods

Isn't that reason enough to love him?

I rest my case.

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