Nicole Byer Joins 'Ladylike' After Years Of Making You Laugh On TV & Online

If you like Girl Code, you’ll love MTV’s latest female-fueled endeavor Ladylike, premiering Thursday, June 9. The hidden camera show will challenge gender stereotypes with bold pranks and ridiculous situations. The show will star Girl Code alums Nicole Byer, Jade Catta-Preta, and Matteo Lane — along with comedian Blair Socci. Like most of her co-stars, Byer is no stranger to MTV, though she's also made you laugh in other ways.

As reported by Deadline, MTV ordered four new girl-powered shows and Byer is involved in half of them. In addition to Ladylike, The Untitled Nicole Byer Project will star, you guessed it, Byer in a scripted comedy. The series will follow Byer as a woman who moves to the suburbs to live with her sister after setting fire to her own New York apartment. According to MTV's synopsis, Byer will humorously find herself in the role of aunt with her sister’s children. With the comedian coming to your television in so many ways soon, it’s important we get to know her now — if you don't already.

Byer has probably crossed your screen time after time in hilarious YouTube videos and in character roles on some of your favorite shows. Here are all of the places you have already seen the rising star.

Girl Code

Byer is hilarious as a panelist on Girl Code. She speaks the truth, even when it's hard to hear, and delivers it hilariously.

UCB Comedy

UCB Comedy on YouTube

Byer has starred in several hilarious videos as part of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Pursuit Of Sexiness

UCB Comedy on YouTube

Byer and Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata had a hilarious YouTube series about besties living in New York.

TV Roles

Byer has had small roles on Netflix's new series Lady Dynamite, 30 Rock, and Angie Tribeca.

College Humor

CollegeHumor on YouTube

You've probably shared one of her hilarious College Humor videos on Facebook.

Ladylike may be the latest comedy to bring Byer's humor to your TV, but it certainly won't be the last.

Image: Netflix