11 Non Cheesy Gifts For Millennial Best Friends

In the age before the digital revolution, friendship existed in the offline. Instead of Snapchat streaks with your BFF, closeness was measured by more tangible means: matching friendship necklaces. As a seven-year-old, my rite of passage was exchanging matching heart jigsaw necklaces with my third-grade best friend — necklaces locally sourced from the neighborhood Limited Too (a minor scuffle would ensue on who would wear "best" or "friend"). Matching friendship gear may have dominated the early 2000s, but what about the year 2016?

Granted, it is a rare sight nowadays to see BFFs and matching mood rings — or matching anything really. Instead of matching pendant necklaces, sentimental tokens of friendship have been dethroned by likes, comments, and #ThrowbackThursdays. But what if you truly want to express what your best friend means to you sans poetic Facebook essay and Instagram collage? It's about time you return to your roots and bask in the beauty of matching accessories for the modern day duo (sadly, no Lisa Frank present).

The secret to modern BFF accessories is ultimately in the coolness factor. Glittery picture frames with cringe-worthy quotes to boot ("Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side!") and lanyard bracelets (done in rainbow colors, of course) may have worked a decade ago, but now it is all about pledging loyalty in style and without the cliche undertones.

So, next time you want to commemorate your friendship, do it the millennial way.

1. For The Clueless BFFs

Best Friends Whatever Pin Set, $22, Laser Kitten

A tribute to one of the greatest films of all time and in matching best friend style? I must be dreaming. Whether you're a Cher or your best friend is more of a Dionne, pay homage in good 'ol Clueless manner.

2. For The Celestial BFFs

ASOS Best Friends Moon & Star Necklaces, $13, Asos

Meet the updated, grown up version of the friendship heart necklace. This set includes dainty silver and gold moons — a luxe way to show off your BFF status.

3. For The Comedic BFFs

Saint Tina Fey and Amy Poehler of Arc Prayer Candles, $26, Etsy

Perhaps the both of you can quote Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope by heart — if so, then these Saint Tina Fey and Amy Poehler candles are a must-have for the home decor front (honestly though, these two are ultimate friendship goals).

4. For The Poolside BFFs

Best Friend Heart Pool Float Set, $30, Urban Outfitters

I mean, who else would accompany you to the pool, help you apply tanning oil, and jam out to old middle school tunes? Now, you and your best friend can spend summers lounging in taste.

5. For The Sleepover BFFs

Bando Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt, $48, Bando

If Saturday nights translate to TV, wine, and pajamas with your BFF, then consider nabbing this ultra comfy "Forever Girl Gang" sweatshirt for the pair of you. No boys allowed!

6. For The Tumblr BFFs

Nasty Gal x Petals and Peacocks Best Babes Tank Set, $29, Nasty Gal

For the best friends who swear by the reblog button and are most likely guilty of spamming each other's inboxes with pop culture references, the chic "Best Babes" tank set makes for perfect attire.

7. For The Fashion Blogger BFFs

VEDA Best Friends Jacket, $1,320 each, This Is Veda

All right, so this BFF leather jacket set may be a little on the pricey side — but hey, there's no harm in keeping it on your wishlist for future purposes, right? If you ever win the lottery and want to splurge on a treat for you and your other half, this would be it.

8. For The Rebellious BFFs

Gold Partners In Crime Ring Set, $5, Etsy

Aren't "partners in crime" and "best friends" essentially the same concept? I'm talking about that one friend who never minds playing bad cop with you — but before you hatch your next scheme, arm accordingly with this Insta-worthy ring set.

9. For The Throwback BFFs

They All Hate Us Best Friend Raglan T-Shirt Set, $80, They All Hate Us

If you're anything like me, you would have too exchanged broken heart necklaces with your elementrary school best friend — it is a ritual. Keep the memory alive with this chic "Best Friend" raglan tee set; simply pair with boyfriend jeans or cut-offs and voilà, you've just created the sartorial version of the friendship necklace.

10. For The Road Trippin' BFFs

Junk Gypsy Thelma & Louise Tees, $34, Junk Gypsy

Hellooo, road trip wardrobe — fuel up the gas tank, strap on your cowboy boots, OD on the denim, and get ready to fight the patriarchy. It's about time you pay homage to one of cinema's most iconic BFF duos with matching Thelma and Louise tees (bonus: Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert are fans!)

11. For The Secretive BFFs

Morse Code BFF Bracelet Set, $61, Etsy

Nothing like an air of mystery, right? It is easy (and also common) for best friend-themed accessories to err on the flashy side, so when you want to avoid that route, consider yes, morse code. The dots and dashes actually spell out "BFF" — it's an understated yet stylish twist on the classic friendship bracelet. No one will ever suspect a thing and you'll have yet another best friends-only secret to add to the collection.

Images: Courtesy Brands