19 Matching Best Friend Shirts & Accessories That Aren't Cheesy At All

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Remember in middle school, when you and your best friend would get matching broken heart necklaces to symbolize your love for each other? Those were cute, but the matching best friend clothes and accessories of today are SO much cuter, not to mention more original. And since National Best Friend Day happens in June, there couldn't be a better time to buy something that both you and your bestie will love.

What better way to show your affection towards your best friend than with matching clothes or accessories? Sure, some of these items might look odd if your bestie isn't standing right by your side, but let's be real — when is she NOT around? Forget about the lame, cliche best friend items of the past; these 19 matching BFF clothes and accessories are so perfect, you'll want to buy them all.

Image Source: Ali Express

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