'Big Brother' Runners-up Give The 'BB18' Cast Advice For Winning & It's Spot On

Get your voyeuristic side ready, because the premiere of Big Brother 18 is coming up quickly. With the June 22 premiere looming in the very near future, all that Big Brother summer chatter is starting again. And, on Tuesday, a number of former runners-up talked strategy for the new Big Brother 18 contestants with The Hollywood Reporter. And even though there is a lot of advice and strategy floating around in the world about how to win Big Brother, these words of wisdom are actually spot on.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke exclusively with four Big Brother runners-up — Liz Nolan (Season 17), Cody Calafiore (Season 16), Lane Elenburg (Season 12), and Daniele Donato (Seasons 8 and 13) — and these contestants didn’t hold anything back. They revealed some really great advice that, if the new contestants are listening, might be the key to winning the competition. Compile all of their expertise into one big list, and you have yourself a pretty compelling recipe for how to win Big Brother.

So start taking notes, my friends, because these tips are some of the best I’ve heard about how to win the show. Look out for the new contestants to make these mistakes in the first week and, if you're a fan, use this list and you could figure out who is most likely to go home within the first few weeks.

1. Get To Know Everyone


You might think that coming in strong is the way to set up your defenses, but really that just makes everyone defensive about you. Be friendly. Get to know people.

2. Don’t Overplay On The First Night


The people who come in playing strong are the first people to be eliminated.

3. Make Friends


Not alliances. There’s a difference.

4. Make Food For Everyone


No one’s going to vote you out when you’re the one making pancakes for breakfast every morning — at least not initially.

5. Eat Something


Don’t get so worked up over the game that you forget to take care of yourself. Eat dinner. Drink plenty of water.

6. Don’t Win The First Head Of Household


This will put an enormous target on your back; one that you definitely don’t want.

7. Have Fun


Remember: It’s a game. Plus, if you take it too seriously, people can tell, and that’s a huge red flag.

8. Hold Your Own In The House


Don’t forget you’re living with these people. Take care of your things. Don’t do anything that gets in the way of other people taking care of theirs.

9. Don’t Be In Too Many Alliances


You have to strike that perfect balance.

10. Don’t Start Any Alliances


I love this advice the most: Be the one to be in the room when alliances are formed, but don’t be the one to be forming the alliances.

11. Avoid Confrontations In Week 1


Confrontation is important in this game, but not in Week 1. If you’re involved in fights from the get-go, you’re drawing way too much attention to yourself. Wait until at least Week 2 to stand your ground and stand up for yourself.

That’s some pretty good advice if I’ve ever heard it. So, let the games begin.

Image: CBS; Giphy (11)