15 Houseguests Who Should Return For 'BB18'

Now that BB17 has come to an end, fans are wondering what Big Brother has in store for Season 18. It's now been over 10 seasons since Big Brother has had an All-Stars season, and three seasons since the house has had returning houseguests compete. Fans are taking to Twitter, saying it's time for there to be another BB All-Stars season, and listing their favorites for who they want to return to the house. With such a wide cast of legendary players to choose from, which Big Brother players should return for another season?

When Big Brother asks houseguests to return, it's because these players were smart, cunning, and highly entertaining. The last time Big Brother incorporated returning players was BB14, which had four legends enter the house. Each of these players had proved their value as a player of the game (Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling), in addition to providing drama in the house (Janelle), or comedic relief (Britney). Now that Big Brother has gone so long without bringing back any players, they have the perfect opportunity to have an absolutely stacked cast for BB18 if they want to bring one or two back, or whenever the next Big Brother All-Stars happens.

Here are some houseguests I think should absolutely come back for another season in the house:

1. Vanessa — BB17

So close, yet so far. Vanessa's third place standing would be a travesty if the winner, Steve, wasn't also a good player. She managed to control the house even when she seemed to have absolutely no control, and she talked her way out of every single hole she dug herself in. Vanessa is truly an amazing player and deserves another shot in the house.

2. Danielle Reyes — BB3, BB All-Stars

A lot of people have said Vanessa is the greatest female Big Brother player of all time, but they clearly forgot about Danielle. If it wasn't for the decision to show Diary Room entries of Danielle trashing the other houseguests, she absolutely would have won Big Brother 3. While Big Brother All-Stars could've been her shot at the top spot yet again, she was no match for the legendary Chilltown alliance between BB legends Mike "Boogie" and Dr. WIll Kirby. She's still active on Twitter and comments on current seasons, so she may be interested in returning for yet another season.

3. Candice — BB15

Oh, Candice. If only you didn't get stuck in a cast with people who made racist comments. (For reference: One racist comment is far too many in any given scenario, and BB15 had at least three people making such statements). Candice was a good player but was thrown off by the casual use of the n-word by some houseguests. Hopefully in a different house, she could truly thrive.

4. Dan Gheesling — BB10, BB14

The legend of Big Brother. The first time he was on the show he came in first place, and when he returned he came in second. He has the best record of any Big Brother player in history, and the first thing anyone says when talking about all-time great game moves is "Dan's Funeral." For Dan to return would instantly put a massive target on his back, but if anyone could survive that it's Dan Gheesling.

5. Danielle Murphy — BB14

Danielle was so good at the Big Brother game, except for when she was getting screwed over by Dan. Danielle and Dan worked together throughout the season to become an almost unstoppable force, but when Dan evicted Danielle's showmance partner Shane, everything fell apart. Danielle deserves to get back in the house, if for no other reason than to try and seek revenge on Dan (if he, too, comes back).

6. Frankie — BB16

There are two types of Big Brother fans: Those who like Frankie and those who loathe him. Frankie's negative qualities didn't stop him from finishing in fifth place, which is pretty good regardless of what your last name is. Frankie is usually busy hosting reality shows or hanging in the background of his sister's pictures, but it's unlikely he would shy away from the chance to be in front of America's eyes for another summer.

7. Zach — BB16

Of course, Zach has to come back. The only predictable thing about him was that he would probably do something unpredictable. He did big, dramatic things but never got so lost in the game that he forgot who he was. He's a must-have for any All-Stars season.

8. Jodi Rollins — BB14

Jodi has become something of a joke amongst the BB fan community, as the woman was evicted on Day 1 of BB14. Can you imagine putting your whole life on pause to go on reality television just to get evicted on the first day? Jodi deserves to come back just so she can have an actual shot at playing the game.

9. Jason — BB17

One of only two non-jury houseguests that managed to be in the top three of America's Favorite Houseguests for his season, Jason was evicted far too early in BB17. His honesty and wit made him a valuable asset in the house, and it was clear that if Jason had made it past jury he would've been a player to be reckoned with. Hopefully the second time around, he won't be as trusting as he was with Vanessa.

10. Danielle Donato — BB8, BB12

Danielle is another all-time great who just missed getting the final prize. She ended up losing the final two of BB8 to her father, Dick, but her intelligent and grounded gameplay was the only reason Dick was able to get away with his aggressive playing style. Danielle has come back before for BB12, but it would be a delight to have her back in the house again.

11. Johnny Mac — BB17

The fact that Johnny Mac didn't win America's Favorite Houseguest goes to show just how many likable contestants there were in BB17. The rockstar dentist managed to have some of the best DR sessions of all time, save himself from being sent to jury, and outlast almost everyone who conspired to have him evicted in the first place. Even just one hour of televised glory with Johnny Mac is worth an All-Stars season.

12. Britney — BB12, BB14

Britney is the funniest person to ever play Big Brother. Her DR sessions gave life to everyone who witnessed them, and she managed to play a great game in BB12 despite going up against one of the strongest alliances in Big Brother history (The Brigade). Has she had enough chances to play Big Brother? Maybe. But, Janelle got to play three times, so there's no reason Britney can't too.

13. James — BB17

America's Favorite Player for BB17, the only reason James didn't end up going farther in the game is because he ended up on Vanessa's bad side and wasn't able to work with her to get to the end of the season. Aside from that, James was able to play a great game that included taking down one of the most powerful duos in the house, meaning if he came back for another season he wouldn't just be joking around.

14. Derrick — BB16

Upon winning Big Brother 16, fans spared no time declaring that Derrick was an all-time Big Brother great, and they're not wrong. Derrick had the entire house wrapped around his finger, and the moment someone figured out that Derrick was the mastermind behind it all, they were sent out the door. It would be interesting to see how Derrick does in the house without his right-hand man Cody by his side.

15. Jun Song — BB4

Jun Song played a nearly perfect game in season 4, and never returned to Big Brother. She has, however, remained active on social media and commented on the happenings of current seasons of Big Brother. Most other fan-favorite players from the early seasons of Big Brother have come back, and yet Jun hasn't. Then again, what better way to return to the house than after a ten-year hiatus?

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