Why Do 'The Bachelorette' Guys Wear Necklaces? There's A Simple Explanation For The Hideous Jewelry

There have only been a few episodes of The Bachelorette so far this season, but it's already pretty clear JoJo Fletcher is doing things a little differently. One major example: This week, instead of a cocktail party, JoJo decided to have an all-day pool party so she could get to know her men better. And after the guys stripped down to their swimsuits, I noticed something kind of weird. Most of them were all wearing these strange, ugly, tropical necklaces like Luke used to wear on The O.C. So what's the deal with the necklaces on The Bachelorette ? There's actually a pretty simple explanation, and it has nothing to do with fashion.

The necklaces are actually there to hold their mics near their mouths, because without them, it would be really hard for the camera to pick up what they're saying since they're not wearing shirts. So even though the necklaces aren't the best (or most 2016) style choice, they're actually kind of necessary. And with all this drama going on between Chad and literally every other contestant on this show, it's probably a good thing that they're all mic-ed up. I mean, you wouldn't want to miss a minute of the sass, would you?

Exhibit A: The one Jordan is wearing in these photos.

These necklaces are pretty prominent on Bachelor in Paradise, too, which makes sense since most of the guys spend each episode shirtless, almost from beginning to end. It's one of those necessary evils of Bachelor Nation, like all those roses that inevitably go to waste after the ceremonies every week.

One mystery solved. Next mystery on my list: How Jordan's hair manages to defy all laws of gravity. BRB, investigating.

Image: ABC