JoJo Sends Chad Home On 'The Bachelorette' 2-On-1 Date & It Was A Long Time Coming

All good things must come to an end, right? No matter what you thought about Chad and his antics on The Bachelorette, he was surely very entertaining. But that time is now over, because JoJo sent Chad home on The Bachelorette after one of the dreaded two-on-one dates. Chad, we hardly knew ye — that’s not really true. I think I knew a little too much about you. Apparently, JoJo agreed, because she decided that Chad's behavior wasn't acceptable and she wasn't feeling his juvenile antics.

In the grand tradition of two-on-one dates, JoJo took Alex aside, and Alex let it all out, telling JoJo how often Chad threatens the guys in the house and how much of a loose cannon he is. I mean, Chad literally threatened to hunt Jordan down after the show mere hours earlier, so it's not like Chad had changed much. When JoJo confronted Chad about all of this, he feigned ignorance and pretended like all the other guys started it (aka a five-year-old's argument). JoJo, thankfully, wasn't buying it, and she said she had to go "think a bit". During that time, Chad threatened to beat Alex up again. Guy, have you not figured out that this look isn't working for you? Luckily, JoJo wised up, Alex got a rose, and Chad was sent packing.

All in all, JoJo made the right choice, not only because she decided the feelings weren’t there with Chad, but also because Chad was way too volatile to stay on the show. That stuff is good for ratings, but it’s certainly not good for morale on the show. If all the man-testants are unhappy, ain’t nobody happy, and the fact that so many of them felt unsafe with Chad in the house made it even easier for JoJo to tell him to leave. Will the show be as entertaining without Chad? No. But will it be better? Absolutely. Sorry, Chad. You're out.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC