Alex & Chad Aren't Friends On 'The Bachelorette'

We’re only like four episodes into JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, and we already have a grudge match for the ages. Chad doesn’t get along with, well, mostly anyone in the house, but he especially has it out for Alex. These two really, really dislike each other, but where did it all start? Why is Alex mad at Chad on The Bachelorette ?

It all started basically on night two, when Chad was talking crap about everyone in the house and finally Alex called him on it. There were some other guys there, but Alex was the most vocal of scolding Chad for being such a jerk. Chad went right for the jugular, making fun of Alex’s height (according to his ABC bio, Alex is 5’7”). Since then, any time Chad references Alex, he does it in a way that is demeaning to his height. Like, dude. Chad, are we in middle school right now that that’s the comeback you start with? Alex had a legitimate gripe with Chad and Chad went right for where it hurts. The fighting will not stop between these two until one of them goes home.

Chad’s first reaction to anything is anger, and I’m glad to see that Alex kept his cool with him. It’s really easy to escalate a situation like that. Chad is getting more violent as the weeks go on, and Alex is just doing his best to defend himself but stay out of it. There’s no need to go crazy here, guys.

It’s the most unattractive thing to watch two men posturing and fighting, and I admire Alex’s ability to keep it cool even when Chad is punching him below the belt. Who will stick around? Hard to say, but Alex’s cool demeanor has him winning in my book.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC