Who Will Bailee Madison Play On 'The Fosters'?

Someone’s going to be joining The Fosters cast! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trophy Wife star Bailee Madison scored a recurring role on the ABC Family drama. Neat-o! The 14-year-old actress will be on the show during season two. Ooo! Exciting. But what does this mean? What's the character's "thing"? What's the story arc? What'll she bring to the show? Here’s what we know about the character so far:

  • Name T.B.A.
  • She is “connected to Callie’s past.”


Hm. Not a lot to work with. But you know what? I won’t give up that easily. I will take that limited info and predict away.

Some Guesses About This New Character:

  • She’s Callie’s long-lost cousin. No, wait. She’s an old neighbor. No! A former classmate. Wait! I’ve got it. She’s a person who is “connected to Callie’s past.” Oh, right. We already knew that much....BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!We’ve met a handful of individuals from Callie’s life. Some are fine, but Liam and her former foster father are terrible. I really, really hope this new character is fine and not terrible, for Callie's sake. She's been through a lot.
  • So, I'm going to run with "she's fine" and predict she and Callie hang out. No shenanigans, no fights, no crimes. Just two young ladies catchin' up.
  • The character will get along with Jude. Duh. It’s impossible to not get along with Jude. Given that she’s a person from Callie’s past, there’s a chance she already knows Jude. No matter. Whether she’s known Jude for years or meets him for the first time in the Fosters’ home, she will want to be BFFs with Jude.
  • She and Mariana will clash. Mariana’s M.O. seems to be dislike people first, get to know them second. But! I predict that they will become friends eventually. And it'll be an "aw" moment.
  • Why's she in town/back in Callie's life? Uh... ? HYPOTHESIS: She's going to surf camp in San Diego, and heard from a mutual acquaintance that Callie lives there now. So she thought she might as well reach out. "It's just been SOOOO LONNNNG," they say over Caramel Frappucinos. And then they laugh for hours.

As brilliant and well-crafted as my predictions may be, I can't wait to see what actually happens on the show. SEASON 2! THIS SUMMAH!