Norman Reedus' 'Motorcycles & Misfits' Podcast Episode Is Sure To Entertain 'Ride' & 'Walking Dead' Fans — LISTEN

Although there has been plenty of evidence to support this before, it turns out Norman Reedus really is like his character Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. In his new series Ride with Norman Reedus, the actor shows that he loves motorcycles just as much as his onscreen persona of Daryl. While there will be no zombies chasing Reedus, he will be riding and talking about motorcycles as he tours America on the new AMC reality series. And one of his first stops will be California, where Reedus joins the podcast Motorcycles & Misfits, which is presented by the Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz. Update: Reedus' episode of Motorcycles & Misfits has been posted and you can listen to it below.

Earlier: Led by motorcycle enthusiast Liza Miller (everyone on Ride with Norman Reedus will fall into that "motorcycle enthusiast" category), the Re-Cycle Garage was opened in 2009 and serves as a place where people can come and repair their motorcycles with the Re-Cycle community. The podcast for the garage was started in 2013 and you can listen to all of the audio either on iTunes or the Motorcycles & Misfits website. And if you've never listened to the podcast or never even heard of it before, that's about to all change when Reedus records an episode for the California-based podcast during Ride.

Reedus will be stopping at a different city in each episode of Ride with Norman Reedus to examine bike culture in the US and the first episode on June 12 will start in Los Angeles with Reedus making his way up the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Cruz. Even though I don't ride motorcycles, Reedus' journey along the beautiful California coast is definitely going to make me jealous. When he does get to Santa Cruz, he'll be giving a boost to the listenership of Motorcycles & Misfits since he joins the gang for a recording. The podcast always has a large group of contributors for each episode, but it usually doesn't have anyone as universally known and beloved as Reedus.

The Motorcycles & Misfits podcast featuring Reedus hasn't been released yet, even though it was already recorded, so expect it to show up after the first Ride with Norman Reedus episode premieres. Their average podcast usually ranges from about an hour to 90 minutes, so if you can't wait until the next episode of his AMC show, you'll have an additional way to get your Reedus fix.

The Re-Cycle Garage is gearing up for the impending notoriety that being on Reedus' show will inevitably give them by recently uploading a welcome message from Miller on their YouTube channel. In the below video, Miller explains how the garage is a free, public place for people to either work on their bikes, or just hang out with people fixing their bikes. You don't even need to bring your own tools, although bringing beer is never discouraged as Miller alludes to.

As Ride with Norman Reedus continues, you'll see The Walking Dead star hanging out with more motorcycle communities like the podcast crew from Motorcycles & Misfits at the Re-Cycle Garage. And just like Daryl's arms on The Walking Dead convince you that you should invest in a crossbow, Reedus' travels in Ride with Norman Reedus may just convince you to invest in a motorcycle.

Image: Mark Schafer/AMC