Harry Styles' House Was Vandalized & The Perpetrator Is Clearly Not A One Direction Fan

It's hard to believe, but there's at least one person out there who doesn't understand Harry Styles' magnificence (if you're sitting there trying to comprehend how a human like that can exist, trust me, I know). This sorry excuse of a person took it upon himself (or herself; no word on the criminal's identity yet) to vandalize Harry Styles' London home by graffitiing the word "c*nt" on the outside wall in big, black letters, the Daily Mail revealed on Wednesday. Besides the fact that the person is wrong purely because they did something illegal, they're also wrong because it is common knowledge that Harry Styles is a god among men. I mean, just look at all of the examples of Styles' most gracious fan moments. Man is a bonafide hero.

As soon as news of the vandalism hit the One Direction fandom, fans immediately started trending "#CanYallRespectHarry" on Twitter, demanding not just basic human decency from haters but also recalling all of the times that the 1D singer was anything but the c-word. (My personal fave is a text image of this quote from a Racked article about the heartthrob: "Despite five years of being under the blinding media spotlight, [Styles] has managed to upset, anger, or offend precisely no one.") Too true.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Though the pictures containing the offensive graffiti have been censored for the public's precious eyes, anyone who strolls past Styles' North London house (aka his neighbors) can get an eyeful of the nasty four-letter word for themselves — though it will most likely be scrubbed clean as soon as possible.

The vandalism not only comes on the heels of 1D boss Simon Cowell announcing that the band's hiatus may be longer than expected (in reality, fans are aware that this "hiatus" is most likely the end of One Direction), but also immediately after a series of privacy-breaching online hacks into celebs' accounts. In the past few days alone, 5 Seconds of Summer, Kylie Jenner, Jack Black, and Kellie Pickler all had their social media accounts compromised. The week before, Katy Perry was a victim. Not to say that the Styles vandalism and these social media hacks are in any way related, but it's just more proof that there is a blatant violation of celebs' privacy happening in today's world, and the disrespect and lack of regard for human decency needs to end.