Daniel Radcliffe Won't Be Seeing 'Cursed Child' — But His Reason Is Actually Very Thoughtful

Is it already time for the next Battle of Hogwarts? Daniel Radcliffe isn't going to see Cursed Child — but don't worry, it's not because of any rivalry between the actors. Fans may have dreamed of the day we'd see the two Harry Potter actors come face to face — but it looks like it most likely won't happen. (Though Radcliffe only said that he's "not sure," so nothing's ruled out yet!)

But why isn't Radcliffe keen to see Cursed Child ? It's actually for a very thoughtful and considerate reason. The actor told E! News that he "would never want to do anything that would distract or take away from the show" — and of course, if the real-life Boy Who Lived rocked up in the audience, that miiight be a little distracting.

Not only is this a really sweet thing to do (because let's face it, skipping out on Cursed Child is a major sacrifice to make), Radcliffe was adorably humble in his reasoning as well. "I could be completely wrong in this, but I feel like if I went to see it that night, [it might] become a thing," he said, in what's possibly the biggest understatement since The Guardian wrote in 1997 that Harry Potter "might" become as famous as Charlie and his chocolate factory.

Fans watched Daniel Radcliffe bring the Harry Potter character to life for a full decade, so he's hardly going to blend into the background at a Harry Potter event. Sad though the idea of Radcliffe not attending The Cursed Child is, I totally understand why he thinks he should sit this one out. It's just a shame he doesn't still have that old invisibility cloak...