This 'Ghostbusters' Day Photo Is The Cutest

by Caitlyn Callegari

Who did the current Ghostbusters cast call to celebrate a majorly momentous anniversary? The original Ghostbusters, of course. More specifically, Melissa McCarthy posted a picture in honor of Ghostbusters Day with the old and new casts of Ghostbusters. Because, yes, that's apparently a thing, and you should probably be grateful if you like the paranormal side of things to be on lock. More than that, though, the picture shows support and a genuine camaraderie between the casts, despite some of the backlash over the gender swapped reiteration. This kind of unity between the old and the new is exactly what fans need during this time when the very fandom seems to be torn in two.

In the photo posted on Wednesday, the ghostbusting legends, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Pots pose with paranormal newcomers, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig. Basically, it's just a big conglomeration of funny people hanging out together. And it sadly proves that we all missed what was surely a hilarious and fun get-together. Thinking of it that way, I am almost offended by the greatness that this one picture holds. Can't a longtime Ghostbusters fan get in on this? Maybe next time.

After all, it is the 32nd anniversary of the movie's premiere, and I suppose that an event honoring that milestone requires a VIP-only type of guest list. But that's not to say the fans are left out of Ghostbusters Day entirely. Per PR Newswire, while we may not get to mingle with the casts,

Fans will also be able to join in the celebration by seeing a sneak peek of the new film as part of the Fathom Events presentation of the original classic in more than 800 cinemas nationwide on June 8, with encore showings on Sunday, June 12.

And, as per the site, McCarthy's depicted hang will culminate in a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance by both casts. Which means that we have even more Ghostbusters cast loving to look forward to. Happy Ghostbusters Day indeed.