Spencer & Aria Compete For Worst Week Ever Award

During last week's Pretty Little Liars , Aria learned what Ezra does when the two of them aren’t watching old movies and talking about literature. So, what has he been up to? Oh you know, just investigating Ali’s disappearance for a true crime book. He's not "A," but he is an awful, pervy stalker who does awful, pervy stalkery things in the name of research. GROSS. During Tuesday night’s episode, Aria and Spencer had a rough go.

Let's be real, the ep was all about them. Yeah, Emily told Paige that Ali is alive. Yeah, Hanna smooched the detective. Those things happened. Those were big moments. They were important. But Tuesday night belonged to Aria and Spencer. Let’s get to it:


Aria Tells the Liars The Truth

Aria tells the other Liars about Ezra. She’s beyond upset. Understandable. She’s confident that he’s not “A” and that he never tried to kill Ali. She explains that the objective of his book is figuring out who’s after Ali/killed Ali. His theory? ONE OF THE LIARS DID IT. The Liars are like, “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAT?!”

Emily is like, “Um, also? I still think he’s ‘A.’ Also, part two? If he’s not ‘A,’ how could he do his creepy research and watch ‘A’ torture us—because he must have been aware of what 'A' was doing to us—and not help?!”

“It’s simple,” Aria responds. A tear rolls down her beautiful face. “He never really loved me.”


Ezra's Apartment

The next day, Ezra isn’t at school. Aria goes to his apartment. He’s not there, either. She lets herself in anyway. She digs through boxes and drawers and finds so. Much. Stalkery. Evidence. She comes across the “A.M.” file. What’s inside? Oh, just a ton o’ creepy pics of Aria. AUGHHHHHHH.

She finds a tape player. It plays a recording of Ali’s voice. IT’S THE GRUNWALD TAPE.

She finds a journal. She reads his handwritten notes. He'd scribbled down everything she’d ever told him in confidence. Stuff she'd told him because, ya know, they were BF/GF. BETRAYED! This sets her off.

She DESTROYS his studio apartment. YESSSS. She doesn’t think twice about smashing his television, but she takes a moment to look at his diploma before she shatters the frame. This moment made me LOL. What else does she break? Oh, only everything else. The apartment is a mess.

Meanwhile, the other Liars are worried about Aria because they can’t get ahold of her. Spencer is like, “OH SHIT. I KNOW WHERE SHE IS.” They boogie on over to Ezra’s. They find Aria huddled up in a ball in the middle of his disaster zone of an apartment. They're like, "Whoa." Aria explains that every secret she told Ezra was in that journal, and they're like, "Dude you don't have to justify going HAM on this place. He is the worst."

Spencer wants to take stuff from Ezra's. The Liars are like, “Nah, that could incriminate us. Sure, Aria’s fingerprints are all over this place, but we don’t want to take stuff. Let’s get out of here.”

But it’s a goddamned evidence treasure trove! Spencer realizes this, and scoops up stacks of papers/photos. GET IT, HASTINGS.

Ezra's Book

Aria finds a letter from a lit agent in Ezra’s journal. THE LETTER SAYS THE ALI BOOK IS A GO. Aria ain't happy. She calls the phone number on the agency letterhead for book release date info, and the lady on the other line says Ezra is at the lit agency now discussing things. Aria ain't happy AT ALL.

Aria is like, “Oh, he was going to go through with the book all along? I’m ratting his ass out to the principal.” Hanna is like, “Yes, telling the principal about you and Ezra is going to F Ezra’s shit up, which, AWESOME. But also? It is going to F your shit up, too. And your fam’s shit. Think about it.” Aria ends up not telling the principal. Hanna says it's the right move. I DISAGREE.

Aria decides she needs to get out of town. She doesn’t want to be around any of the other Liars. Where is she going to go? No one knows. Not even Aria. Poor Aria.


Spencer's Family is Concerned

One morning, Spencer walks downstairs and sees her parents hanging out in the kitchen. There's also packed bag in the kitchen. They tell her they’re sending her to rehab. She asks them for one last chance to quit popping Adderall. They given in, but say that this is the last straw. Next time, straight to rehab. Eesh.

At school, Spencer finds a bottle of pills in her locker. The label reads: “DON’T SAY I NEVER GAVE YOU ANYTHING —A.” She tells Emily she’ll get rid them. Emily is like, “Hm. Okay. I guess I’ll trust you.” Later, we see Spencer take the pills. Oh no.

Spencer & the Shovel

That night, Spencer rifles through some of the souvenirs she procured from Ezra’s place. A particular piece of paper catches her eye. She reads Ezra’s notes out loud. According to the notes, CeCe saw a fight the night that Ali went missing. A fight between Ali and Spencer. In the flashback, Spencer lifts up a shovel threateningly. WHAAAT. CeCe hasn’t said anything “because Mrs. DiLaurentis paid her not to.” AND! Mrs. DiLaurentis also saw the shovel fight. WHAAAAT.

Spencer is like, “Oh shoot. I can’t remember that night at all. Was I that hopped up on Adderall back then?” She asks her dad for info. He’s like, “Nah, not going to give you any answers. Are you going through withdrawals? Go get some fresh air.”

Spencer walks to the DiLaurentis house. She asks Mrs. DiLaurentis if she and Mr. Hastings think Spencer clocked Ali with the shovel. Mrs. DiLaurentis is like, “You’re acting cray, Spence. I'm not going to give you any answers that'll calm you down. I'm going to evade all of your questions. Go home. Please let go of my arm. You're hurting me. Go home."

Spencer goes home. Toby and her parents are like, “You need help.” She goes to her room. She cries. Poor Spencer.

Holy shit.

Let me get this straight: There's a chance Spencer tried to kill Ali? AND Ezra isn't "A"? I typed those two sentences and my arms fell asleep.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family