This Is When Kylie's Black Lip Kit Comes Out

Yesterday brought huge news from mini beauty mogul Kylie Jenner, who announced a new black lip kit called Dead of Knight. The matte black lip kit shade is a deep black hue that goes on glossy and dries super matte. It's definitely Jenner's edgiest shade so far, but apparently it was the most requested one from fans. Who would've guessed? The release date is June 10, but if you're wondering what time Jenner's black lip kit, Dead of Knight, will go on sale, you're in luck. I've got the answer.

Jenner almost always posts updates about her lip kit restocks on her app first, and luckily Instagram account Trendmood, which posts the latest beauty news, shared it with their followers. According to Jenner, the black lip kit will go on sale Friday, June 10 at 1:30 p.m. PT. Make sure you note the time zone — it's going to be important to know for when the lip kit inevitably sells out.

Also on Jenner's app? An explanation behind the choice for the shade. "Whenever I asked what Lip Kit color you guys wanted next, black was always a popular answer — so Dead of Knight is for you!!" the reality star wrote.

Here's the words from Jenner herself. Super handy to know, right?

Then Kylie Cosmetics posted an Instagram sharing the news with their 4 million(!) followers. Looks like every lip kit shade will be available at the same time, which is great news for anyone who wants to get any of the shades and hasn't had a chance to due to the super fast sellouts.

I can't wait to see how the lip kit sells. It's definitely a little more daring than Jenner's other shades, but it's a dramatic look that I'm sure fans will love. Don't forget to set those alarms for Friday afternoon, and good luck shopping!