They May Have Called it Quits

Katy Perry has always been a public gusher about her relationships, and she's spoken out many times about how much she loves her man, John Mayer. She's even called him a "genius" several times. However, on Tuesday, E! News reported that Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up within the last few days. Or rather, Perry broke up with Mayer. Nooooo. It always seemed like they were so lovey-dovey and cute together. And they even went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show together and were so adorable on it. A couple that visits Ellen together has to stay together, right?

Their relationship has had its ups and downs, with Perry recently sporting a huge diamond ring on that finger on multiple occasions, prompting engagement speculations. The couple also took a break in their relationship last year, but Perry and Mayer also collaborated on his song and music video for "Who You Love" together. However, the outlet says that no other details about the "Dark Horse" singer's decision were known.

Mayer wasn't with Perry when she went to London and Milan recently, or when she walked the runway for Moschino in Milan during Fashion Week. Perry's Prismatic tour also kicks off in May. Her last California Dreams tour was famously known to be when her marriage with ex-husband Russell Brand crumbled. I'm hoping that this is all just a rumor, because when Perry is belting out Unconditionally, she's gotta be singing it about Mayer, right?