Sharon Stone's Marvel Character Has Heat Powers, So Here Are Her Comic Book Options

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding so quickly that, honestly, I'm starting to lose track of how many different characters fans have to obsess over. However, in some cases, the actors are named before we even know their characters. The latest addition to the ever-growing franchise is just too good to let it slip under the radar: Sharon Stone is set to join the MCU. Now, I know what you may be thinking: "Michelle, I already knew that! Don't you have anything new to report?" Well, in fact, I do. Because not only will Stone be playing a superhero (like she very well deserves), but it was also recently revealed that Stone's Marvel character has heat-related powers. So the fun is just getting started.

While it's still unclear as to what film Stone will be joining the MCU with, the Oscar-nominated actress couldn't hold back all of the details on her upcoming role during one of her recent interviews. And, heck, if I was cast in a Marvel film, I'm pretty sure I would have a hard time staying completely mum on the subject as well. "Stone has been cast as a superhero — she'll only reveal that her secret power is heat — in a yet-to-be-named movie," AARP magazine reported following a Stone, Jane Fonda, and Alfre Woodard exclusive. However, that's more than enough for Marvel fans so that the speculation can begin.

Here are the Marvel characters with heat-related powers that Sharon Stone would very well be playing. You're welcome.

1. Crystal

If I'm not mistaken, Marvel has their sights set on an upcoming Inhumans film. Thus, the introduction of Crystal — a superheroine who can control all four of the elements (including fire) — is a plausible possibility. As the sister to Medusa and a leader in an all-new pack of heroes, Sharon's not to be ruled out.

2. Magma

Nothing says heat powers louder than essentially being a volcano. Magma can move the tectonic plates, shoot flames and hot lava, and use her own body as a light. Really, the only thing standing between Sharon Stone and playing Magma is the superhero's affiliation with X-Men.

3. Firestar

Having microwave-level energy powers is definitely what I would consider to be a heat-related power. With Emma Frost already in the mix in the X-Men films, a long-time gone yet wildly rebellious and ready to return Firestar appearance could reveal some yet unknown history. I'm all for it.

4. Firebird

As much as I love the X-Men characters, it seems much more likely that it's the Avengers universe where Stone will make her appearance. That leaves the enchanted Firebird up for the taking. However, Firebird is a popular Latina character, so hopefully Marvel won't go there.

5. The Original Wasp

This is by far my favorite possibility. Considering the fact that Janet van Dyne was only mentioned in Ant-Man — and not yet seen in her older age — she could still technically return. Also, with Stone stating that her role was a "wee part" in the Marvel franchise, it would make sense for her to appear in a flashback or quick return to the spotlight. With the Wasp's bio-electric energy blasts, her powers are certainly heat-related. And with the next generation of the Wasp already lined up in her daughter Hope, there's no reason for her to stick around for too long. I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

No matter what character Stone ends up playing, I have no doubt in my mind that she will totally rock the role. Marvel's got some serious talent coming through.

Images: Marvel Comics (4); Giphy