Will Matthew McConaughey Join The 'Magic Mike' Las Vegas Show? He's Teasing Fans With The Possibility

Ever since Channing Tatum announced that there will soon be a Magic Mike live show in Las Vegas, fans have gotten understandably over-excited. They're likely to get even more excited now that we're being teased with the idea of Matthew McConaughey performing in the Magic Mike Las Vegas live show. Before this, a plethora of questions have been bandied around ever since Tatum revealed he was partnering with Cosmopolitan.com to direct a stage version of his sexiest movie, and that, in 2017, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will become the new home of Magic Mike. I feel like I've not even had time to properly digest this news, or figure out how many times I will need to go and see the show (every night though?). So how can we make this whole McConaughey performance thing happen, exactly?

While promoting his brand new movie Free State of Jones, McConaughey spoke to E! News about the new Magic Mike show, and revealed whether or not he might be involved in it. Even though he wasn't in the movie sequel Magic Mike XXL, the How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days actor was a fan favorite in the first film, giving a killer performer as Dallas, the owner of Xquisite Strip Club.

When asked if Channing Tatum had been in touch about the opportunity, McConaughey told E! News, "I wasn't invited. I didn't even get the call." Sounds like it's time to get Matthew McConaughey on the phone, pronto! While the actor may have been joking about his involvement, he certainly understands the passion that fans of the film series have. Having thought about it a bit more, the Oscar winning star said, "To show up and just Dallas it out? That'd be fun!" which certainly sounds promising to me.


While details about the new Magic Mike show are still scarce, Channing Tatum has discussed the possibility of appearing on stage in Las Vegas. Tatum told Cosmopolitan.com, "If I'm ever in shape enough to do that again, I'll absolutely go out and have a fun night or two." With McConaughey potentially on board, and Tatum directing the show, all we need now is Joe Manganiello to announce his involvement. As soon as he does, I am booking my plane tickets immediately, and I bet you are too.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy