'Waitress' Isn't On Netflix, But These Alternatives Will Whet Your Appetite

The 2007 indie Waitress was a hit at Sundance, and its popularity has grown exponentially every since. In 2015, the movie was adapted for the stage, and now the musical Waitress has been nominated for four Tony awards. It has also been a hit among viewers, due in part to the original score by Sara Bareilles and the lead performance by Tony winner Jessie Mueller. You might be dying to see the show, but if Broadway is too far for a road trip (or too expensive for your paycheck), you can always turn to the movie as a substitute. However, there's one additional snag in the road: Waitress isn't on Netflix, neither in streaming format nor through Netflix DVD.

That might leave a sour taste in your mouth, but you can rent or buy the movie for a low price on Amazon video. And, let's be honest, $3.99 for a streaming rental is peanuts compared to the amount you would pay for a ticket to the Broadway show. So while it's not the sweetest deal, it's a sufficient substitute. And, speaking of substitutes, here are some movies on Netflix that have similar elements to Waitress, so you can get a taste of the film even if you can't have the whole thing.

If You're a Keri Russell Fan:

Mission: Impossible III

Russell appears in MI3 as an IMF agent named Lindsay Ferris who meets an unfortunate fate.

We Were Soldiers

In this movie based on a true story, the actor plays the wife of Lieutenant John Geoghegan, who was killed at the Battle of la Drang in the Vietnam War.

Dark Skies

Russell stars alongside Josh Hamilton and J.K. Simmons in this sci-fi horror film.

If You Like Stories About Inspiring Women

Erin Brockovich

This movie is based on the true story of a single mom who unearthed a giant scandal and fought for justice.

Mona Lisa Smile

In the 1950s, Julia Roberts' character is a teacher at an all-female college who encourages her students to dream bigger than the confines of societal standards for women.

Maid In Manhattan

J.Lo is an under-appreciated hotel employee who gets an unexpected shot at a happy ending in this 2002 rom-com.

If You're In The Mood For Something Delicious


Jon Favreau and Sofia Vergara start a food-truck business in this 2014 comedy.

Today's Special

This indie stars Aasif Mandvi as a professional chef who has to take over the family restaurant when his father becomes ill.

Me Late Chocolate

In this Mexican film, a woman decides to become a chocolatier in an effort to get her life back on track following the death of her boyfriend.

You might be bummed that Netflix doesn't have Waitress, but thankfully you can get your fill of other movies that have similar components. And that's a recipe for good entertainment.

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