TrumpSingles Is Here & It's Certainly Not The Only Election-Related Dating Site We've Seen Lately

In what feels like the election cycle that will never end, here's another interesting development. Well, my fingers say "interesting," but my heart says "confusing." and my brains says "WTF!?" There's no easy way to break it to you, so I'll just come right out with it: There's now a dating siting site for Trump supporters. Set up by David Goss, is here to make your dreams, or nightmares, come true. It all depends on your perspective, I guess.

And before you ask, yes, it's real. “At first I was concerned that people would think this was a parody site,” Goss, who can apparently read my mind, told the New York Post, “But people have told me that they’re so happy they can finally go on dates without worrying about political differences.”

I do get that political views are important and, understandably, are deal breakers for some. Going on a date and finding out someone has completely different opinions and values can feel like a giant waste of time. Goss thinks this especially true for his demographic, telling the Post: “I think there’s a special stigma when people say they’re supporting Trump, because of some of the brash things that he’s said. That immediately gets [projected] on his supporters, and it makes it hard for them when trying to date.”

I'm honestly not sure I'd personally call it "projection"; we all link people to the politician or party they support and vote for, because... well, they support and vote for them. While it's true that not every member of any party will share all the views of that party, there are always going to be ideological similarities between parties or candidates and the people who support them. That's just how it works. But I can see how you might save some wasted time by getting political preferences out of the way early, and a dating site catering specifically to Trump supporters does that unambiguously.

That's also probably why TrumpSingles isn't the first dating site we've seen so far inspired by this election cycle. Here's what else there is on offer:

1. Maple Match


Maple Match is basically the anti-Trump Singles site. You know how some folks have said that if Trump gets elected, they'll move to Canada? Well, this site wants to hook up all those Americans fleeing the country with their Canadian counterparts. Love on the run, my friends.

2. Bernie Singles


You guessed it; It's a site for Bernie supporters. You can find literally anything on the internet. Their site says, "Do you love Bernie? Do you need a lover? Let's play! (But play by the rules. This isn't a lawless land of love.)". Go give them a click and #FeelTheBern.

3. Clinton Couples


OK, this one isn't actually real thing; I made it up. But what if it was real? WHAT IF IT WAS?! Can someone get out there and design a site for people who love Hilary and want to love other people who love Hilary? I sense some power couples in the making. Let's make it happen, people.

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