Who Releases Wildfire On 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6? Bran's Vision Indicates A Fiery End

No character on Game of Thrones, perhaps with the exception of Per Pounce, can ever be described as innocent. There's a dark side within all of them. Some are more pronounced that others, of course (aka Ramsay freaking Bolton), while others stay more in the shadows, biding their time (aka Littlefinger). But how far will any of them go in order to take down their enemies? That's a question I fear we'll get an answer to very soon, especially after watching Bran's latest vision reel, which saw wildfire being unleashed upon the city. But who will release the wildfire on Game of Thrones and why? As of now, the suspect list is higher than ever.

Granted, this wouldn't be the first time this dangerous liquid posed a threat to the people of Westeros. Mad King Aerys went so far as to order the alchemists to unleash the substance during Robert's Rebellion in a desperate attempt to "burn them all." However, Jaime Lannister was able to kill him before the order was carried out. But the wildfire itself hasn't been destroyed. It's still set up in numerous places around the city, which means the vision Bran saw of the wildfire spreading throughout King's Landing isn't something that happened in the past, but rather something that will happen in the future.


If that's the case, then the logical question is who will bring this fiery outcome to pass? Considering this show is made up of numerous characters who have both the means and the motive to make this happen, there are quite a few candidates for the crime. That being said, I've put together who I believe our best possible culprits will be and why they'd be inclined to make such a destructive decision.

Daenerys Targaryen


One of the more obvious choices I think would be the Mother of Dragons herself, given her constant association with fire. Plus, there's the fact that she seems more determined than ever to claim the Iron Throne as her own and take down whoever stands in her way. Perhaps she becomes so desperate in her quest for power that she ends up going mad just like her father.

Cercei Lannister

Cercei has made it clear since Day 1 that she's willing to go as far as necessary to fight her enemies. In fact, she's even said numerous times that she would burn the city to the ground in order to protect her family and everything she holds dear. Maybe the opportunity will present itself in the near future and make her resort to such drastic measures, especially if The Mountain loses the trial by combat or in the wake of Tommen's death. Maggy the Frog's prophecy stated that Cercei's three children would wear golden crowns, followed by golden shrouds, meaning they would all die before her. The death of her last remaining child may be just the thing to send Cersei one the edge for good.

Margaery Tyrell


In light of the note Margaery secretly slipped to Lady Olenna, we now know that she definitely hasn't had the religious awakening that the High Sparrow thinks. It's all an act and knowing her, she probably has a plan in mind to bring the Sparrow and the rest of her enemies down for everything that's happened to her. Releasing the wildfire could play a part in that and be the perfect way to destroy anyone in her way of the Iron Throne. Including Tommen.

Tommen Baratheon


Then again, no one has the power to unleash the wildfire better than the reigning king himself. I could definitely see Tommen getting convinced by the High Sparrow that a cleansing of the city would be a good idea in order to give King's Landing a fresh start. This guy has an uncanny knack of being manipulated, so I certainly wouldn't put this bold move past him, even if it's prompted by someone whispering in his ear.

Tyrion Lannister


He was the one who orchestrated its release during the Battle of the Blackwater. Who's to say he won't be able to do it again, but on a grander scale in order to stop his siblings or the High Sparrow or even Dany herself in some way?

Suffice to say, things are clearly about to get heated on Game of Thrones soon (literally). Let's just hope only the deserving people are the ones who go up in flames.

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