Why Arya Is The 'Game Of Thrones' Character Everyone Should Be Paying The Most Attention To

Jon Snow came back from the dead. Daenerys Targaryen has her dragons. Tyrion Lannister drinks and knows things. On Game Of Thrones, there are countless characters that earn the title of one to watch in the race to the iron throne. But, if there's one character I would recommend keeping a close eye on — like really close — it would definitely be Arya Stark. While everyone else is trying to rule one of the seven kingdoms, she's just trying to make good on her promise of avenging her family. It's a simple task in a show that's filled with complexities, but it's that straightforward reason why Arya is the Game Of Thrones character you should care about most. Because, in the end, she's really the one with the most to lose.

The last time we saw Arya, she was walking through the street, clutching her stomach after being stabbed by the Waif. It seemed like this could be the end for her. Since HBO is not one to spoil their own spoilers though, the fact that they let it be known in the next episode's summary that Arya will be facing a new test in the next episode makes it clear she's not dead yet. (There are many theories out there to how Arya survives, if you should be so interested in possibly spoiling that for yourself.) But, really how could the show kill her off? She's still got so much left to do.

In the span of six seasons, we've watched Arya Stark evolve. We've watched her grow from a small tomboy pestering her sister Sansa to a young woman who has proven that she can defend herself, with or without Needle. She's changed more than anyone else on the show, having gone from child to assassin in her most formative of years. She has been tested, maybe more than any other character. And has never given up. Not to mention, she's been through most of this all alone. She is the lone (dire) wolf who survives knowing there is work to be done. She is uninterested in the rulings of the seven kingdoms, but is hellbent are living long enough to see everyone else die. It's the reason why Arya can't be one of the Faceless Men, she's too busy being a woman with a kill list.

But, Arya isn't some coldblooded killer, she's got morals. She can't kill those she doesn't believe deserve it. After all the things she's been through, she still has a heart, and she's still human. Her convictions and the way she sticks to them is what makes her stand out in this world where Mad Kings rule. Being good or fair doesn't pay off in the seven kingdoms and Arya knows this firsthand. She watched her dad, Ned lose his head for trying to do what was right. Yet, she still holds herself to a standard that she believes her father would approve of. This is her unspoken promise to her late father, to avenge him, which puts her in a true fight of good and evil. Arya does bad things, but she isn't a monster, far from it, in fact. She's one of the few good guys in this entire show. Her intentions are good.

Arya's heart may be too big for this world, but it's part of the reason she should succeed. There's so much passion behind her mission because she doesn't have much else to live for. She's someone who has no magical powers to speak of, just a strong will. Someone doesn't have dragons in her corner, but a small sword. Arya's been underestimated by nearly everyone, but her determination has made her the character I'd most like to see make it to the end. Her winning this game has nothing to do with the iron throne, it's just about her sticking to her principles. A win for Arya Stark is like a win for all the mere mortals who have suffered through this reign of terror throughout the seven kingdoms. How can you not want to see that?

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