Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Are #WeirdCoupleGoals

I've already documented my deep love for Anna Faris and Chris Pratt as a couple, but the recent Instagram video that the Mom star posted of the two really takes the Pratt/Faris shipping to a whole other level. The video (which depicts Pratt and Faris engaged in some serious-yet-hilariously sexual, pretzel-style wrestling moves), is a small glimpse into the kind of hilarious shenanigans these two get into in their spare time. It's delightfully weird, inherently funny, and it makes me want to be adopted by them and/or become their not-as-nearly-as-hilarious best friend.

With the help of professional Dave Bautista (presumably so they don't die), Pratt and Faris start out with Faris bending over face-down, head in between her husband's legs, while he bends over on top of her, arms around her waist and ready to swing her upwards (I suddenly feel like I'm writing for Cosmo). The two do the impressive AF flip maneuver (please enjoy my very technical wrestling terms here), during which Faris suddenly recalls her House Bunny voice and embarks on some "Jo-ANNE!"-style yelling — much to the delight of anyone who has ever had the pleasure of witnessing this woman do comedy. This position apparently provides the perfect angle for Pratt to do a completely un-stealthy boob grab, and the two manage to dislodge themselves without anyone actually getting hurt or spilling their brains out on the hardwood floors. Success all around.

Of course, this video is only the latest in the moments that make up Faris and Pratt's #WeirdCoupleGoals. Since both actors have the knack for comedic timing and slapstick humor that made them successful in the first place, it's not surprising that they're hilariously odd in their real personal lives as well. Like, they go out and get drunk together and post evidence of their sloppy faces on social media (already #goals). They take silly selfies on their way to award shows and the Scary Movie star posts captions about how she shaved her legs for the event. In short: They're just like your regular, every day adorable family (complete with bespectacled son Jack), only about thirty times more good-looking and forty times more hilarious. We are not worthy.