Lin-Manuel Miranda Rapping About Ramen Will Make Your Favorite College Meal Cool Again — VIDEO

What is it with pop stars singing about some of the most basic foods and making them cool again? Because just like Beyoncé boosted sales over at Red Lobster when she sang about the famous restaurant chain in “Formation,” Lin-Manuel Miranda is making ramen cool again by rapping about it in an all-new clip from the Seeso show, Freestyle Love Supreme. The musical improv show will stream on Seeso starting July 23 and feature Miranda’s improv group by the same name. And really it’s about time. Because as Miranda explains in his off-the-cuff rap about the affordable and convenient food, ramen really is amazing, and it’s worth revisiting if you haven’t since college.

Sure, you may have cast ramen aside along with the other cheap foods you used to eat in college to get by — foods like peanut butter by the spoonful and cans of tuna — but it really is time for ramen to make a come back. With soups like Pho gaining popularity around the country, it’s time we all embrace ramen as a really satisfying meal. I mean, the stuff comes with its own spices, already mixed for you. You probably never though of it this way, but it really is the first ever meal kit delivery. You know, before meal kit deliveries were cool.

Well, leave it to Lin Manuel-Miranda to make this affordable meal option something that people are talking about again. This is the guy, after all, who is making even the most reluctant of people flock to the Great White Way to pay a fortune for tickets to Hamilton, the musical he created and stars in. But just in case you can’t afford the ridiculous ticket prices, there are other ways to enjoy Miranda’s amazing talents, including this clip from Freestyle Love Supreme.

So I just want to give a huge shout out to Miranda for making ramen cool again. For those of us who never stopped eating it — sure it’s a salt bomb, but it’s a good salt bomb — it’s about time this amazing food got the credit it deserves.

And if you get to the store and see the shelves empty of the stuff, you know you have Miranda to blame.