Instead of Watching, Andi Did This Last Night

If you're reading this article about The Bachelor then you either watched Tuesday night's fantasy suite episode or you have at least read four recaps of it by now. Chris Harrison warned us that the episode would "shock America," and while it wasn't exactly shocking, it did make for great television. I would feel bad saying that, if Andi left the show purely sad and heartbroken, but she left confident that Juan Pablo was a total jerk and knowing that she did the right thing. Andi is awesome and that's why it's so exciting that she spent Tuesday night hanging out with two other cool contestants. Andi, Sharleen, and Kelly hung out while the episode was airing and tweeted along hilarious commentary. Only they weren't even watching The Bachelor because they were too busy going out to dinner in Kelly and Andi's hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Incase you do not know what went down on the episode:

Juan Pablo invited all three women to the fantasy suite, but his time with Andi didn't go well. At all. We find out that Juan Pablo spent the whole night talking about himself, telling Andi she was there by "default," and mentioning that he took Clare to the fantasy suite. Andi confronted Juan Pablo about his behavior the next day and he just kept telling her "It's okay" while touching her face way too much because he always does that. Andi got upset that he had no remorse and showed no emotions and left the show in disbelief.

During their hang out, the three women made fun of this exact situation. Sharleen posted the following on Twitter:

At one point during Juan Pablo and Andi's talk, he decides that it's appropriate to pick something out of her eyebrow all while still continuing his "It's okays." Sharleen should know it really should be spelled, "Eeees okay," but I'll let it slide.

Andi got it right:

But then again, she did have to hear him say in person like 30 times.

The ladies also tweeted their excitement about meeting up.

I would LOVE to hear their dinner conversation. Being on The Bachelor together and discovering that the guy is a total ass must provide for the best gossip ever. There would be no hard feelings because none of you wanted to end up with him anyway.

Just one more picture so you can truly understand how normal they are now that they're off that crazy show.

Image: ABC