If Mindy Kaling & Helena Bonham Carter Join The 'Ocean's Eleven' Reboot, It Would Be The Best Movie Ever

Sometimes a casting rumor is so wonderful that you can't not talk about it, even if it's not exactly confirmed yet. Though I'm sadly obligated to tell you to take this potentially amazing news with a grain of salt, here it is. Website ShowBiz 411 reported on Thursday that Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter have joined the Ocean's Eleven reboot. The project, which will star Sandra Bullock, is set to be an all-female project, so it was only a matter of time before the film announced which big names they would be adding to their ensemble. (Bustle has reached out to Kaling and Carter's respective reps and have not heard back at this time.) If the rumors about Kaling and Carter are true, they would make an epic addition to this team of heisting ladies.

The pair are very different actresses, and both are beloved by fans for their unique quirks. Kaling's biggest project to date has been her sitcom The Mindy Project, which she both created and stars on. In fact, Kaling is mostly known as a sitcom actress, only taking a handful of feature film roles during her Hollywood career. As for Carter, she's mostly known for her unique brand of quirky darkness, with iconic roles in Fight Club, Sweeney Todd, and the Harry Potter franchise. Will Carter infuse a little bit of Fight Club's Marla Singer into her robber role in the upcoming reboot? Only time will tell.


Though the news has yet to be confirmed, it's a cool step for both actresses to potentially take. Neither have a heist movie under their belts yet, and it will be fun to see them play off Bullock and whoever else is cast in the upcoming film. (New rumors also state that Oscar winner Cate Blanchett is in talks to join the upcoming film, but once again, they are not confirmed.) Besides which, their addition would give us a heist movie led by seasoned, diverse, and incredibly talented actresses that people might not necessarily see as the head of a criminal team. And that's sort of the point. If you're going to reboot a classic film like Ocean's Eleven, then you don't want to just retread the footsteps that have already been tread. Kaling and Bonham Carter would bring something new to the table, something that would bring a new audience to the theater to get their questions about the film answered.

Whether the rumors are true or not, I could totally see a heist movie with this cast onboard. It's like this is the film that I've always wanted to watch happening before my very eyes, so someone better pray to the Hollywood gods that this is true.

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