Pay Attention To The 'Orphan Black' Instagram

You saw that first season of Orphan Black right? If not, what have you been doing with your life? Go watch it. I'll wait. [long pause] Did you watch? Crazy right? Are you mad about Tatiana Maslany not having an Emmy yet? Good, me too. But you can soothe your anger and your desire for Season 2 with the official Orphan Black Instagram.

Much like the Game Of Thrones Instagram before it, the Orphan Black Instagram is full of wonders. The series returns to our lives for us to obsess over full-time come April 19, but until then a whole horde of preview clips are coming your way via, you guessed it: Instagram!

BBC America's planning on releasing seven clips, one a day for a week, each having to do with the draaaaahmaaa that is sure to unfold come the second season.

The first clip, which you can see below, shows clone-against-clone, AKA what appears to be Sarah confronting pro-clone Rachel about the little patent dealio they found out about last season ("You don't OWN us."). Of course, it might not actually be Sarah as Rachel thinks — the comments on the video seem to think it's Cosima, and they make a pretty compelling case.

God I want this show back so badly.

Image: BBC America