How To Get Tickets To Kesha's Las Vegas Shows

If you've been bummed, thinking that there's no way for you to see Kesha perform, I have good news for you: that's about to change. She'll be doing three performance dates this summer, so I want to talk to you about how to get tickets to Kesha's Las Vegas shows. You might recall that this isn't the singer's first foray into the bright lights of the Strip; she had a one-off show in Vegas on May 22 as part of the Billboard Music Awards, where she covered the Bob Dylan song "It Ain't Me Babe" to thunderous applause all across the internet. (And in the room, I'm sure. I couldn't hear the TV over my own uproarious clapping.)

On Jun. 9, Kesha announced that she'll be performing the show for three nights at the Wynn Las Vegas' Intrigue Nightclub — Jun. 23, Jun. 25, and Jul. 23 — and tickets to any or all of those nights could be yours through the Wynn's ticketing system for the low low price of $32.13 if you're a woman, and $56.93 if you're a man. No reason is given for the disparity in prices, but I would assume it's about maintaining the gender balance in nightclubs that tend to skew more male.

Either way, that's an extremely reasonable price to pay to watch Kesha sing through her preexisting catalog, which is chock-full of hits like "TiK ToK," "We R Who We R," "Blow," and "Take It Off." Considering how few and far between Kesha's live performances have been in the past few years, getting the opportunity to see her live on stage again, performing for herself rather than one of many performers at an award show, is beyond exciting. If I lived closer, I would be there in a heartbeat, but now you can make sure that you don't miss it no matter where you're coming from to get there. Happy ticket hunting.

Image: Giphy