You've Been Scooping Ice Cream All Wrong

Khana Ruksaboon / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Get excited, everybody: It's ice cream season! Though I have to admit, when isn't it ice cream season? Regardless as to whether you subscribe to the ice cream year-round philosophy or not, though, I'm willing to bet that you haven't been using the easiest way to scoop ice cream whenever you make yourself a sundae. But hey, guess what? This hack has you covered. You're welcome.

We all know the struggle of scooping ice cream when it's fresh out of the freezer — it's just too darn solid to stick a spoon into it. While some people do microwave their ice cream for a few seconds, this method can risk turning it into a sloshy mess, as well as raise the risk for possible contamination. Usually, I just leave my ice cream on the counter for a few minutes, but that's only at times when I'm able to exercise excellent self-control... which isn't always. When I really want ice cream, I find myself wishing I had a better technique to enjoy my sugary treat right when I want it — which is where this awesome video from America's Test Kitchen comes in.

The beauty of ice cream is that there are so many kinds to choose from: As a vegan, I go for dairy-free options, but from sorbets to gelatos, soft-serve to sundaes, the cone versus cup debate, and the massive decision of which flavor of ice cream you want, there are almost an endless number of possibilities when enjoying a summertime (or anytime) treat. So, want to find out the surprisingly easy way to scoop ice cold ice cream out of the container? Check out the technique below:

And for the curious, here's the step-by-step:

1. Prepare Your Materials

Get your ice cream out of the freezer and onto your counter. Heat a paring knife — yes, paring knife — under warm water. Remove the lid of your ice cream container. Oh, and find your ice cream scoop, though you don't need to use it just yet.

2. Slice Your Ice Cream

You heard me: Slice your ice cream. Slice the surface of your ice cream with your warmed-up paring knife about an inch apart, side to side, so the lines are roughly equal going down the length and width of the container. Then, turn the container 90 degrees and repeat the action so you have a checkerboard pattern.

3. Scoop Your Ice Cream

Warm your ice cream under warm water and get scooping! This method is basically foolproof: You just scoop your ice cream along your slices, and it should come out easy as pie (or, in this case, easy as ice cream). Enjoy your summer treat!

Images: Khana Ruksaboon / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images; America's Test Kitchen/YouTube (3)