11 Life Lessons 'Labyrinth' Taught Me About Friendship, Fruit & Everything Inbetween

If you're a child of the '80s and '90s, then odds are you became obsessed with the cult classic hit film Labyrinth , starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. The movie centers around Sarah's journey to rescue her baby brother, Toby — who was taken away by Jareth the Goblin King at her behest — forcing Sarah to venture into the heart of the Labyrinth and encounter a variety of different obstacles along the way. It was a fantasy story before fantasy stories were cool. (Hoggle's name even gets mispronounced as Hogwarts at one point, so make of that what you will.) But this film was about so much more than just a mere adventure story. Labyrinth taught us some very important life lessons about family, friendship, and fruit (I'll explain later), which still resonates with us today.

Granted, I probably wasn't picking up on these lessons during my innocent childhood viewings since I was more focused on giggling at all the farting sounds in the Bog of Eternal Stench or too busy swooning over Jareth to really take in any underlying messages. But now as I continue to watch the movie as an adult, I've realized just how much you can take away from the film. For example...

1. Looks Can Be Deceiving


Sure that fairy looks friendly enough, but then it went and bit Sarah for absolutely no reason, which just goes to show you should never assume anything... even in a fantasy world.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Think Outside The Box


You'll be surprised at what you might discover.

3. Make Most Of The Time You Have


With only 13 hours on the clock to save Toby from turning into a goblin, Sarah develops a major appreciate of time, as should we all.

4. Be Careful What You Wish For


For instance, you may think you want your baby bro to be abducted by a Goblin King, but then once it actually happens you are overcome with a serious case of regret. Sometimes the reality of something just isn't as great as the fantasy.

5. Stop & Smell The Roses Every So Often


Unless you are in the Bog of Eternal Stench, in which case, that is the last thing you should do.

6. Don't Be A Doormat


If you feel like you're being mistreated or under appreciated, then say something.

7. Nothing Beats Teamwork


You accomplish much more if you're working together.

8. Candy Isn't The Only Thing You Shouldn't Take From Strangers


Remember that juicy looking peach Hoggle gave to Sarah, which made her experience some kind of memory wiping fever dream? As much as I absolutely love the dance sequence (and Jared's sequins) that follow, maybe Sarah shouldn't have been so quick to accept an ingestible substance from someone whose allegiances were continually questionable. (Still love you, though, Hoggle!)

9. Don't Give Into Temptation


If you don't want to do something, then don't it, regardless of the peer pressure you may face.

10. Don't Live Up To Anyone's Expectations But Your Own


At the end of the day, you do you.

11. Remember That You Are The Babe


The babe with the power to do anything you put your mind to.

So thanks, Labyrinth, for your wise words, eternal life lessons, and, of course, fantastic soundtrack.

Images: Jim Henson Company; Giphy (11)