Why I'll Watch 'Labyrinth' Starring David Bowie Over & Over Again

Labyrinth is one hundred percent my favorite cinematic adventure of all time. It was my entire childhood, and now, as an adult, I still watch it with reckless abandon. There are so many reasons why Labyrinth is such a classic film. With the late and so great David Bowie starring as a glam rocker goblin king, you really can't go wrong. Somehow (possibly having to do with its supreme weirdness factor) despite the Bowie factor, it failed to resonate with audiences upon it's initial release in 1986. Luckily it achieved cult fame, which is much more badass, if you ask me.

It's got everything that you could ever ask for in a movie. There's adventure, there's fantasy and there's Jim Henson's complete creative brilliance. As an adult, there is still so much to appreciate about his world, ruled by the charming but terrifying goblin king and inhabited by a vast array of fantastical creatures. Who didn't want to go on an epic journey through Jareth's labyrinth with Hoggle and Ludo, only to end with a multi-creature dance party in your bedroom? It's time to discuss exactly what makes this one of those movies that I can watch a million times and never grow tired of it.

David Bowie

This could really be the entire list. David Bowie is so magical as Jareth, The Goblin King.

He took the role and ate it for breakfast. There is simply no one else that could have stepped into Jareth's nearly thigh high riding boots. He's oddly attractive but wholly terrifying all at the same time and it's intoxicating.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is legitimately top notch. It's phenomenal. I listen to it regularly in my car without shame. Just the "Babe With The Power" scene in the film is worth selling your soul to see.

Sarah's Journey

Not her physical journey (although that's amazing too), but her intellectual one. Sarah starts out as a bit of a whiney, petulant teenager but ends up becoming a strong woman who conquers the labyrinth and saves her brother. When she says, "you have no power over me", I cheer every time.

The Fantasy

Sarah gets annoyed while babysitting her baby brother, wishes for goblins (of all things) to take him away and they do. That's bananas. Raise your hand if you have one person in your life that you would like the goblins to take away every now and then. #Goals

Bog Of Eternal Stench

It's a location that farts. I mean...come on.

The Creatures

The characters are seriously so amazing and totally charming. Hoggle is that character that you don't want to love because he's a grump, but you end up rooting for anyway. Ludo is the big, dopey yet lovable one and the pink guys who remove their heads (then attempt to remove yours) are the horrifying things that nightmares are made of.

Basically, in my mind, Labyrinth is flawless. It's equal parts fantasy and adventure with a seriously fabulous villain and a strong heroine at the center of it. With the recent passing of the legendary David Bowie, you owe it to yourself to give it a watch. I know I'll be rewatching it again immediately!

Images: Jim Henson Company; giphy(5)