All The 'Hamilton' Jokes At The Tony Awards Prove That Even Broadway Knows We Can't Stop Talking About It

If you thought that Hamilton references and jokes were dominating television, your Twitter feed, and texts from your Dad — just you wait for the Tony Awards. I guarantee that all the stars on Broadway are just as obsessed as you are. Here's a roundup of the best Hamilton jokes in the Tony Awards, because it's finally time for the Great White Way to take a shot at the mega hit.

Actually, if I'm being honest, the fact that we can't stop talking about and referencing Hamilton actually worries me a little. This is a tricky position for any show to be in. I know it's easy to talk about Hamilton potentially sweeping the Tony Awards. I'm almost scared that the show's success is a jinx on itself. There have been Tony upsets in the past. It happens. Plus, I don't want any of the other hard-working shows and performers to get bitter that they can't stand up to Hamilton's already legendary status. This night should be about celebrating theatre.

Luckily, anyone who puts themselves through eight shows a week on Broadway can't take themselves too seriously, and the love was flowing on Tony night. From the host James Corden to presenters like Carole King, these were the best Hamilton-related quotes and moments from the evening.

"The show will not be all about Hamilton. There will be commercial breaks."

James Corden came out swinging with this one, which was basically saying what we were all thinking.

"What some might even call revolutionary."

Carole King, slipping in a sly reference before presenting the award for Best Score.

"I'm not free-styling, I'm too old. I wrote you a sonnet instead."

Lin-Manuel Miranda, referencing his speech for winning Best Score for In The Heights. It was funny, so I'm counting it.

"I confess, we all laughed. But who's laughing now?"

President Barack Obama, referencing the world's first introduction to Hamilton in 2009 at a White House poetry jam.

"As long as we stay, just like our country, young, scrappy, and hungry."

First Lady Michelle Obama, because she may be the show's biggest fan of all.

"There's a lot about Hamilton, isn't there?"

James Corden's very British father, when asked which show he'd like to see. Good luck getting tickets!

"Look around, look around. How lucky we are to be alive right now."

Producer Jeffery Seller in the Best Musical acceptance speech for Hamilton, because they are allowed to go there.

"Thank God, I picked the right outfit!"

Queen Barbra Streisand, referencing her revolutionary ruffles before presenting Hamilton with Best Musical and ending the night on the perfect, celebratory note.