'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Will Love 'Guilt' For These 6 Reasons

For everyone who has been obsessed with figuring out A's identity since 2010, it's hard to believe that Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars could be its last. But, luckily for us, Freeform is about to premiere an intriguing new drama that's filled with secrets, lies, murder, scandal, and unanswered questions. Based on its plot and creepy promos, it's safe to assume that Pretty Little Liars fans will love Guilt and this new drama will help ease the pain of saying goodbye to Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer.

Guilt, which premieres on June 13, has a slightly more glamorous setting than Rosewood — although it focuses on an American student, the series takes place in ritzy areas of London. Grace is studying abroad, partying it up, and presumably having the time of her life — until her roommate, Molly, is brutally murdered and Grace's strange behavior after the crime makes her a prime suspect. Her sister Natalie, along with ex-pat lawyer, will work to clear Grace's name — but dark secrets will emerge and Natalie will begin to wonder if Grace is as innocent as she claims.

The premise is different enough that we won't feel like we're watching a show that's attempting to be Pretty Little Liars — but here's why PLL fans should get excited about Guilt.

1. The Showrunners Are Women

It's always inspiring to see shows that are headed up by women and I. Marlene King made a name for herself as the showrunner of Pretty Little Liars. According to Guilt 's official synopsis on Freeform, the series is written, created, and executive-produced by Kathryn Price and Nichole Millard.

2. It's About Secrets

Did Grace really kill Molly? Guilt will keep us guessing, but one thing's for certain — Grace has plenty of secrets and many of them will be uncovered as she becomes the subject of a police investigation. Furthermore, the synopsis notes that the press and social media users will be gripped by the case, so there will be no shortage of people seeking to expose any and all of Grace's secrets, regardless of whether or not they're relevant to the case.

3. The Plot Will Center On One Tragic Night

The entire plot of Pretty Little Liars hinges on the events of one tragic night — we originally believed Ali was murdered that evening, but it turned out to be way more complex. Over the course of many seasons, we learned the truth about Rosewood's most important night — Ali was attacked with a shovel and buried alive, prompting her to go on the run. Meanwhile, Mona mistakenly killed Bethany Young (all because of that damn yellow tank top) and Melissa Hastings covered it up in an effort to protect her sister.

Similarly, the night of Molly's murder will set Guilt's plot in motion. Viewers will likely be in the dark for a long time about what really happened that evening and what role, if any, Grace played in her roommate's death. Either way, Guilt will have viewers playing armchair detective as we struggle to piece together what really happened on the night in question. (Luckily, Pretty Little Liars fans have becomes pros at this.)

4. Female Characters Will Take Center Stage

Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer gave us serious #FriendshipGoals and each character was unique, likable, and realistically flawed in her own way. Although Guilt doesn't focus on a tight-knit group of friends, it's clear that Grace is a complex character who will consistently keep us guessing. Plus, I think we can expect the show to explore the complicated dynamics of Grace's relationship with her sister — when Natalie begins to question her innocence, it'll be interesting to see how each young woman handles this turn of events.

5. It Promises To Be Soapy

Pretty Little Liars is soapy in the best way possible — and Guilt's official synopsis describes the show as a "soapy drama." I'm glad we cleared that up because I can't wait for the scandalous events that will certainly occur throughout the show's freshman season.

6. It'll Keep Us Guessing

Pretty Little Liars quite literally twisted our minds into pretzels on multiple occasions — and it looks like Guilt will do exactly the same thing. The mystery of Ali's supposed murder was just the tip of the iceberg and every time we got one answer, about 10 new questions cropped up in its place. Here's to hoping that Guilt will follow suit and we can look forward to multiple seasons of new, mind-blowing mysteries.

When one teen drama door closes, another one opens — and I have high hopes that Guilt will become our newest obsession as Pretty Little Liars' amazing run comes to a close.

Images: Nick Ray (2); Leo Pinter (3); Criag Sjodin/Freeform