Read This Clay Aiken Tweet About LGBT Rights

In wholly unsurprising news, the mass shooting at the gay nightclub, Pulse, in Orlando, Florida, has spurred discussions on a variety of social issues, including LGBT rights and the treatment of people in the LGBT community. And how could it not? The tragedy has turned out to be the deadliest shooting in United States history, and it was an attack on a venue filled with LGBT patrons. Many people, including celebrities, are speaking out about this atrocity, including none other than one-time political candidate and former American Idol star Clay Aiken.

Aiken, who is gay, took to Twitter to highlight the alarming truth that despite the fact that an LGBT person attending Pulse could have come out of that malicious Orlando attack safe and sound, there is the still the possibility that that very same person could go to work in the following days unsure of their job security because of their sexual orientation.

Aiken also said the below in response to a tweet that said, "True and all, but wrong time."

Aiken makes an important point. While we can denounce the heinous act at Pulse nightclub and sympathize and mourn with the LGBT community, the United States still has a long way to go in terms of LGBT people achieving equal rights on the most basic levels, and Aiken is making sure that his followers are fully aware of this. What happened at Pride is enormously tragic, but it's important to recognize that LGBT people face discrimination and danger in their lives every single day, both in America and around the world.