6 Simple Ways To Win A Book-Lover's Heart

To the outside viewer, a book-lover may seem elusive. They're often found in the corners of libraries or bookstores, holding a teetering stack of novels. They can also be found in coffee shops or reading nooks, breezing through said stacks of books, with a mug of tea in hand.

How does one approach these reclusive creatures, befriend them, and even manage to... win their heart?! You've heard the saying, "date someone who reads," and I'd say that you should also "befriend someone who reads." But it's kind of hard to make the hangouts happen when you're both sitting on window seats in separate houses, potentially reading the same book, but unable to discuss it because you are tragically and romantically separate. After all, if you're a book-lover, books are probably one of the best relationships in your life.

But never fear. Though it seems the wild lit-lover will only look up from their reading material if a character literally crawled from the pages and pulled them along on an adventure... that's only partially true. There are several ways to a book-lover's heart that stop short of writing yourself into a novel, sneaking it onto their shelf, and sitting patiently while they read it (though now that I'm thinking of it, maybe you should actually do that).

Creative writing aside, here are a few tips and tricks for befriending... and even winning the heart of... a book-lover.

1. Buy Us A Book Instead Of Drink

You could approach a book-lover and ask to buy them a drink. OR you could ask to buy them a book. If you do the latter, the book-lover will read the book, and then you will have something to talk about the next time you hang out. Because if you're suave enough to offer to buy someone a book instead of a drink, there will probably be a next hangout. Just saying.

2. Give Us Books Instead Of Flowers

Speaking of suave, remember the above scene from Age of Adaline? Book-lovers everywhere swooned, I promise you. This move might have already been done, but if you can come up with a similar one, you'll definitely catch the attention of a book-lover.

3. Read Our Favorite Book And Talk About It With Us

Most book-lovers love two things: reading, and talking about what they've read. So if you have a friend or SO who loves to read, read their favorite book. Talk about it with them. Because if a book is someone's favorite, they'll have plenty to say about it. And they probably will want to talk about it any chance they get. Bonus points for reading that one obscure book they keep talking about that no one else will read.

4. Write Us A List Of Literary Recommendations

Is there anything more romantic than someone handing you a list of book recommendations? Of course not. And if your recommendations are tailored to your friend's specific likes and dislikes? Even better.

5. Stay In And Read With Us

Sometimes, book-lovers want to go out. It's a myth that every reader just wants to stay in and read 24/7 — some of us are outgoing and enjoy socializing, I promise! BUT, it's also true that many book-lovers may want to stay in IF they're in the middle of a really, really good book. So if you truly want to win the heart of a reader... stay in and read with them.

6. Learn From Literary Characters

When in doubt, use a line from a book. Because you know who wrote those lines? Book-lovers. So you know who will love those lines? Book-lovers. After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged that you can't go wrong with a well-placed literary quote or two.

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