As a book lover yourself, you know you've got a few handy excuses up your sleeve thanks to living a book-filled life. If you'd rather stay in on a cold night with a good book than go out to a bar, your friends can already predict your "I need to finish this book" text. Or when you show up to work with bloodshot eyes, your coworkers safely assume it's not due to a hangover, just to your usual excuse: a book kept you up all night.

Being a book lover can be rough sometimes. You lose sleep, you procrastinate on projects because a book can't be set down in the middle of a big plot twist, and your wallet is forever crying over the cost of new hardcover books. But it's also an incredibly fun life, full of new and fascinating characters, ideas, and adventures. You're constantly entertained wherever you are, and filled with joy (or possibly heartbreak) over beautifully written books. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So if you're the big book nerd in your group of friends, or maybe it's your best friend who happens to be the major book lover in your life, you've either used or heard these nine excuses, and will continue to do so throughout your lifetime:

1. "I Can't Go Out Tonight, I Have To Finish This Book."

Whether you really wanted to go out and try that fancy new cocktail plastered all over Instagram or not, you usually lean towards finishing your book over anything else. Don't get me wrong, there are times when you can set a book down and satisfy your social life, but in all honesty, finding out what happens at the end of the book you're reading is usually your top priority.

2. "I'll Read That Book Right After I Finish These Other Hundred Books."

As I love nothing more than to read and write, I usually receive a lot of book recommendations, and I'm forever grateful for that. However, sometimes a book just doesn't sound good, or I can easily assume I won't be into it, yet I can't let my cousin or friend know that. So I'll just put it at the bottom of my TBR pile and eventually get to it. Maybe.

3. "I'll Start My Homework Right After I Finish This Book."

This situation can be applied even when you're no longer a student. I'll go grocery shopping right after... I'll do my laundry when I finish... And yes, I'll pick up my little sister from karate class, just give me ten minutes to finish this section!

4. "Sorry I'm Late, I Got Caught Up In This Book!"

Speaking of timely excuses, there has never been a bigger reason as to why I missed my train stop or why I lost track of time than due to a book and its magical powers to suck me in so the outside world no longer exists.

5. "It's Not My Fault I Didn't Sleep Well, This Book Kept Me Up All Night."

This happened to me last night, and it will continue happening to all book-lovers around the world forever and always. *Yawns*

6. "I'm So Poor... I Just Spent All My Money On New Books."

Yes, I have bills and rent and groceries to pay for, but didn't you hear that The Raven King just came out, as well as 10 other brand new books that I must read ASAP?! I'll forever be poor, but at least my soul will be happy.

7. "I Can't Pick A Favorite Book, They're All My Favorite!"

My favorite book is forever changing to whatever book I'm currently reading. I love them all, and choosing one over the other is a ridiculously difficult task.

8. "This Book Shattered My Heart Into A Million Pieces And Nobody Understands Me."

It would be lovely if there were personal days you could take off from work due to a fictional character breaking your heart, or from crying so much after your favorite character died. It's real pain people, and unless you read this book, you just won't understand.

9. "Just One More Chapter..."

My favorite (and the most commonly used book-lover excuse) is the simple, "Just one more chapter, I swear..." Even when you have a million things to do on your to-do list, you need one more chapter, and then you swear you'll put the book down. Maybe.

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