Who's The Yellow Cloak Man On 'Game Of Thrones'? Lem Needs To Watch Out For The Hound

The Brotherhood without Banners made a dangerous enemy when they attacked the Hound's newfound peaceful home. And the number one person on the Hound's kill list after the June 5 episode "The Broken Man" is the man with the yellow cloak on Game of Thrones. So who is this mysterious man who slaughtered Ray's followers? Turns out this new character on the HBO series is familiar to book readers since it is Lem, who had appeared in A Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows. Lem is known for his yellow cloak in the George R. R. Martin books since his name is actually short for Lemoncloak, obviously inspired by the coat he wears. Book spoilers ahead.

Lem in the books never encounters the Hound directly, although Lem does take the Hound's helm — his dog-shaped helmet. He plays a larger role in the books since he meets up with both Arya and Brienne and he's also still alive, something that can't be said for his character on the TV series. The Hound didn't really get to hunt down the man with the yellow cloak during the June 12 episode "No One" because Beric Dondarrion (long time, no see) had already capture Lem and put him in a noose. Dondarrion wanted him dead for killing Ray's followers too and he allowed the Hound to kick the stump that Lem had been standing on, but it was a disappointing revenge kill for the Hound.

While Lem's appearance in the TV series was very short-lived (he did get to plead for his life for approximately one second), his presence made the Hound cross paths with Dondarrion again. They last saw each other in Season 3 when the Hound killed Dondarrion, but he was brought back to life by Thoros using the Lord of the Light's powers. The Hound now has a new purpose of joining the Brotherhood without Banners in defeating the White Walkers — making the wait for his appearance in Season 6 totally worth it. And if you're disappointed Lem died so soon, at least the Hound will be wearing his boots as he puts his excellent fighting powers to good use and kills some White Walkers.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO, HBO