What If Michelle & Leslie Knope Grabbed Dinner?

Leslie Knope is probably busy adding Feb. 25 to her holiday calendar right now — because it's on that day that Michelle Obama called Amy Poehler her "best friend" at a celebration for the Let's Move! initiative in Miami, Fla. And we all freaked out because apparently, the FLOTUS loves Amy Poehler as much as we do. The Parks and Rec star introduced Michelle Obama to the podium at the promotional event for the program that aims to help children grow up to be healthy, and the pair shared a sweet little friendship moment.

When the FLOTUS arrived at the podium, she included this declaration of best friendship in her address:

We are best friends. I’m coming over to your house. I want you to cook me something to eat… lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, you may have heard.

Obviously just the mention of Amy Poehler, Champion of Women, sitting down and sharing a meal with the FLOTUS is enough to make our brains explode, and our stomachs growl. Can you think of anything more perfect? Wait a minute — what if the FLOTUS had dinner with Poehler's Parks and Rec counterpart instead? Would Michelle Obama ever eat dinner at Leslie Knope's house? Let's take a look at Leslie Knope's notable food-related moments and see if it'd ever work out. (They'd obviously be BFFs no matter what.)

They'd Bond Over This

That is NOT child-sized.

But Then This Would Happen

Waffles are definitely not part of this health reform — unless they're whole grain.

C'mon, FLOTUS. Just have a bite.

So What Can They Eat?

Salad's out of the question.

Quinoa? EW.

So, I guess burgers aren't lean meats?

No, I guess we can't make mac & cheese pizza either.

Leslie Would Wonder

I mean, if so many great things are out of the question. FLOTUS would not be pleased — even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Leslie Might Talk More About Her Eating Habits

FLOTUS would have to tell her that that does not qualify as a balanced meal.

FLOTUS Would Invite Her To A Let's Move! Event

The Verdict: Leslie Knope and the FLOTUS' friendship should probably steer clear of dinner dates. But they should totes be BFFs anyway. Hopefully she'll at least try a friendship waffle.

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