Titus Brings 'Hamilton' To 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' In These Amazing TV Spots — VIDEO

With 11 Tony Awards now under it's belt, everyone wants in on Broadway's smash-hit: Hamilton. Including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Titus Andromedon — played by actor Titus Burgess. During CBS' live stream of Sunday night's 70th Annual Tony Awards, Netflix debuted Titus Andromedon in Hamilton -inspired commercials that you need to see. The brief television spots aired as showrunners are trying to gain consideration from Emmy voters for the upcoming television awards show. However, it also provided fans with Titus' much-needed take on the Broadway phenomenon. Despite Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt still being a long way off, the spots are sparking new hope and inspiration for where Titus' career might go moving forward. In fact, I've got my fingers crossed for more Titus-inspired Hamilton. It's just too good to pass up.

In the television spots, Titus knew how to dress, but he didn't know much about the Broadway-hit himself, "Now, I've not actually been able to get tickets to Hamilton and no audition materials were made available to me, shady, but I think I get it." And that's where the hilarity ensued. Between his lack of knowledge about the show, his failed rapping skills, and his ability to let his wig down, it's pretty clear as to why the talented up-and-coming sensation hasn't gotten much work in the theater in the first two seasons of the show thus far.

However, with his drive to keep pushing forward, I'm thinking that Season 3 needs to be the season where we finally see Titus get his big break. And a large amount of Hamilton puns would be much-appreciated as well.

Netflix on YouTube

But it's not just the television spot itself that is sparking this need for more Titus on Broadway. If anything, it's the moments that would come along with Titus' presence in a show that would add to his character's countless comedic antics. With a new boyfriend already in the picture, I now want to see Titus going on more auditions, taking the stage, and being a total diva backstage. If Titus gets to the Tony Awards and/or there's a Lin Manuel-Miranda guest appearance... Well, those things would just be the icing on the already fabulous cake.

Meanwhile, it wasn't just Titus' Hamilton audition that aired Sunday night. Netflix was also sure to give us more of the Titus we know and love with a second spot that featured a behind-the-scenes look at Titus attempting to put together his audition tape in the first place. In the second spot, we see Titus messing up his words, commenting on who should be on the $10 bill, and clumsily breaking the music player.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 doesn't have a release date just yet but will most likely be hitting Netflix come 2017. Until then, brush up on your theater knowledge. I think you're going to need it.

Images: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube