What Does Cersei's Rumor Mean For 'Game Of Thrones'? She's Not Out Yet

Oh brother, Westeros' creepy mad scientist is at it again. What does Cersei's rumor mean for Game of Thrones ? She and Qyburn are cooking up something dastardly, for sure.

Sunday, after the devastating news that Cersei would not be permitted a trial by combat, Qyburn furtively told her that his little birds investigated "that old rumor you told me about" and that it was "much, much more" than a rumor. What was that about?

The theory I'm seeing most is that this old rumor has to do with wildfire stored under the city — which makes sense on one level. It would explain why the magical substance showed up in Bran's dreams and, as many fans have pointed out, Cersei is always talking about burning things to the ground. Plus, it would be completely heartbreaking for Jaime to witness his own sister fulfilling the very promise that pushed him to kill the Mad King.

However, isn't that old news? Does Cersei not know that Tyrion used wildfire to fight Stannis' army in Season 2? Jaime knows about Aerys' many stores of wildfire as well. I know that Cersei was boozing it up with Sansa and Shae while King's Landing was being attacked, but you'd think someone would have told her about all the boats going up in green flames. I know that Tywin Lannister was quick to diminish his son's role in the Battle of Blackwater and take credit for saving the city, but I find it hard to believe that Tyrion's use of freakin' wildfire went completely unnoticed.


What does this rumor mean for the show, exactly? Cersei has lost the support of House Tyrell and her own son. Her brother is fighting the good (from a certain point of view) fight, but far away. She no longer has the Mountain for protection. Whatever this new plan is, it is a near last resort.

Other than wildfire, I'm not sure what the rumor could be. The scene cut directly to Meereen, and editing is often an easy way to decipher secrets in film and TV, but I don't think any rumors about Tyrion or Daenerys would have made Cersei smile. Unless someone has found proof that it was Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell who conspired to kill Joffrey, not Sansa or Tyrion. Maybe the little birds found Lady Stoneheart. Maybe they found Gendry. Maybe, somewhere in Westeros, there are rumored to be good lawyers with a trustworthy sense of right and wrong that can win the trial. Ha!

Whatever it is, this means that Cersei is not out of option yet. If this "rumor" helps get rid of the Faith Militant, I have to say that I am at least a little bit on board. Until next time — XOXO, Gossip Cersei.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy