Which Football Teams Was Willis McGahee On? The 'Famously Single' Star Played For A Few

Famously Single will attempt to find significant others for famous people who have been longtime bachelors/bachelorettes after splitting up with their last partners. While some of the cast members are specifically famous because of their former relationships, like Bachelorette ex-fiance Josh Murray, some are better known for their work, like Willis McGahee's NFL football career. This Famously Single star was a member of the NFL for 10 years, playing as a running back for several different teams over the course of his career. At work, he was undeniably successful, but his love life is a different story. McGahee's famous ex is Kandi Burruss, but the two broke up back in 2010 — before Kandi settled down with Todd, her current husband and Real Housewives of Atlanta costar. And Kandi told TVGuide in 2010 that one of the reasons that she couldn't make the relationship work is because she didn't "think [Willis] was ready" to have his personal life broadcast on TV.

Looks like McGahee has gotten over his alleged reality TV aversion, but he's still best known for his time on the football field. In 2003, McGahee was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, and played for them for three seasons, as a running back. However, he told the Baltimore Sun he didn't really like the city and even complained in about the "brick wall" of Buffalo's nightlife. Even though he did well for the team, McGahee later told Cleveland.com he thinks he was traded because, "For one, they got mad at me," about those comments.

After the 2005-2006 season, McGahee moved on to play for the Baltimore Ravens, and stayed there for another three years, narrowly missing their Super Bowl win in 2012; he left the team in 2010. In 2009, he suffered a neck and head injury after a punishing hit during a game, according to the Ravens' website — but he recovered. His time in Baltimore also marked his first appearance in the Pro Bowl. Next up, he made the move to Colorado to play for the Denver Broncos for two seasons, 2011-2012, also just barely missing out on their 2014 Super Bowl attempt and their 2016 win. And McGahee finished out his career in the NFL with a single season on the Cleveland Browns.

Since 2013, McGahee has been retired, and is no longer playing professional football. Instead, he's been enjoying the good life of a retired athlete (think lots of roof gardens, travel, and clubbing, as you can see on McGahee's Instagram), supporting his alma mater, the University of Miami, and maintaining his football six pack at Crossfit. I don't think Willis McGahee should have any trouble going from Famously Single to taken in the course of a single season.