11 Signs That Jaqen H'ghar Was Helping Arya The Whole Time On 'Game of Thrones'

To be totally honest, Game of Throne's whole Faceless Man story arc seemed a bit underdeveloped. Arya finally became "no one" after actually deciding she was someone? And why does the Many-Faced God make people nameless just to murder people for money? And why is Jaqen H'ghar so oddly beautiful? Being that noticeable can't be good for an assassin. Hopefully, we'll get more answers, but now that Arya's heading back to Westeros, nothing is certain. Except that Jaqen H'ghar was helping Arya the whole time, and we should have known that it was happening. The signs were all there, you guys.

To recap, Arya met Jaqen H'ghar as they were both being transported to Castle Black, though he was in a cage with two other criminals. When they were captured, Arya saved H'ghar's life, and they ended up hanging out at Tywin Lannister's new crib, Harrenhal. H'ghar made it clear that he was going to help Arya, and he did, killing a few people for her, helping her escape, and giving her a coin which would help her get to Braavos, should she so desire. She eventually did just that, and began training to be a Faceless Man, aka super assassin, in Season 5.

Here's why we should have known the whole time that Jaqen was our boy. Or rather, Arya's.

1. He's Been Her Mentor Since Day One

From the first moment the two met while he was pretending to be a criminal and Arya was pretending to be a boy, they had a connection. It was apparent that he was down with her bravery.

2. The Waif Was Being Naughty

The Waif was clearly not acting in a way that befit a Faceless Man. She let her own grudges against Arya get in the way of training her. Then, when she stabs Arya, she makes it incredibly painful, which was explicitly what Jaqen H'ghar told her not to do. We should have known this was a test, and that the Waif was failing.

3. He's Always Seemed To Have A Plan For Arya

It's awfully convenient that Mr. H'ghar, a Braavosi man who typically resides in the House of Black and White, runs into Arya Stark. It almost seems like he found her in order to help her. Perhaps to help her find her identity? Arya was a lost lamb for a bit, what with her dead family and all, and maybe in this case, the Faceless Man was trying to remind Arya of her face.

4. There's No Way He Didn't Know She Kept Needle

Somehow, he knows and sees all. He knew when she joined up that she threw out her money. He knew when she killed Meryn Trant instead of the guy she was supposed to kill. Doesn't it then stand to reason that he knew she kept her sword? If he wasn't on her side, wouldn't he have handled that differently?

5. He Could, Hypothetically, Be Syrio Forel

There's an age-old theory brought to us by our friends from Reddit that Jaqen is actually Arya's one-time Braavosi water dancing teacher Syrio Forel. And that could totally happen, because of magic, how we never saw Forel die on screen, and how H'ghar gave Arya a second chance after she killed Trant, Syrio's supposed murderer. If that's the case, it's definitely clear Forel/H'ghar is going to help out Arya no matter what the cost.

6. The Actor Who Plays Jaqen H'ghar Hinted As Much

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Tom Wlaschiha, the actor behind Jaqen, admitted that he thinks "it’s all part of a bigger plan — that he decided to be [thrown into the Black Cells at King’s Landing] in the first place to meet Arya. But in which way exactly their story is going to continue? No idea.” So maybe he doesn't have a definite idea of what's going on, but as the man who plays the character, he's got to have some sort of insight, right? Right.

7. Arya Is Going To Be Fine ... For Now

We were all pretty sure Arya that was going to be OK even though she got stabbed, because she didn't die right away. But seemingly the only way she could survive would be if she either killed Jaqen H'ghar or he forgave her. He's pretty impossible to kill, so forgiveness was obviously the only way this was going to go. Maybe Arya will die later on in the series, but for now, she's in the clear.

8. We Still Don't Know Why Jaqen Was In The Dungeons At King's Landing

There's still too much Arya doesn't know about the Facless Man, like why she even met him in the first place. We've got to eventually find out why that whole thing went down, and the only way that would happen if is Jaqen H'ghar favored Arya's survival.

9. He Made Her Go Blind

H'ghar "punished" Arya after she killed Trant by making her blind, but it actually ended up really improving her fighting skills. Would he put her through all that just to kill her when she failed him? Doubtful. He put her through that so she could become a killing machine.

10. A Lot Of The People On Arya's Kill List Have One Thing In Common

Cersei Lannister, the Mountain, Walder Frey. They have one thing in common, and that is their desire to divide the houses of Westeros instead of uniting everyone against the White Walkers. Those people need to be killed in order for everybody else to unite. Meanwhile, Jaqen H'ghar mentions the Red God in Season 2 a lot. You know, the one who is supposedly trying to defeat the darkness (White Walkers). Based on that, Arya and the Faceless Man seem to have similar goals. So why would he let her die?

11. If He Really Wanted Arya Dead, He Would Have Done It Himself

Throughout the series, H'ghar has shown faith in Arya. He knows how scrappy she is. He knows how much the Waif hates her. It's pretty obvious that the Waif's hatred of Arya would cloud her judgment for the kill. It's also pretty obvious that Arya can take her. If he had wanted Arya gone, he would have just made her drink a Faceless Man cocktail.

You got us good, Mr. H'ghar. I really thought Arya was about to be a dead girl, but nah. Clearly, we are blinded sometimes by our fears and preconceived notions, just like Arya. I guess we all need a little Jaqen H'ghar in our lives to help us figure stuff out sometimes.

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