Is Amanda Bynes Going to Rehab?

You've been expecting this story for a while. It comes from an unnamed source (at Fox News, no less), but the rumor's still out there: Amanda Bynes has returned to Los Angeles to seek treatment.

It's not totally unfounded. Even your mom knows by now how Bynes has been calling people ugly on Twitter and wearing a blue wig to her court date. She's definitely high on something, even if it's just her own self-importance. So does Amanda Bynes need rehab? Definitely. But even if she goes, will it help her? Unfortunately, history says no. After all, when was the last time a celebrity successfully completed rehab?

Even if Bynes doesn't go to rehab, she might record a rap album instead. The unnamed Fox News source says that Bynes is really serious about her rap career.

“And I think she will surprise people. She’s actually very good.”

On second thought, maybe this unnamed source is the one who needs rehab...