Why Is Judy King In Jail On 'Orange Is The New Black'? The Celebrity Chef Is Litchfield's Newest Inmate

It doesn't seem fair to single out of one member of the influx of new inmates at Litchfield, but I'm too excited to see how Orange is the New Black satirizes celebrity prison sentences to let this slide. Why is Judy King in prison on Orange Is The New Black ? The celebrity criminal showed up to self-surrender at the chaotic to some, peaceful for others end to last season. At least nobody will ever compare Piper to Paris Hilton ever again, know what I mean?

In Season 3, we learned that Judy King was arrested and convicted on tax evasion charges. King is the host of a cooking show called Judy King At Home that many of the inmates enjoyed watching, and many of them were rooting for her to be placed at Litchfield. And, now that she has been, I am sure that having a celebrity chef in the midst is going to shake up my favorite area of Litchfield drama — control of the kitchens. Why do I have a feeling that the choice to give Judy King bright red hair was deliberate? Red is not going to like that. We'll just have to wait and see how Judy fairs with the limited resources her new home provides... unless, of course, she can use her clout as leverage.


However she fares, Judy King is here to serve time just like everybody else, and surely stir up some drama during her stay.

Images: JoJo/Whilden; Giphy