Who Killed Molly Ryan? 'Guilt' Introduces Plenty Of Suspects

Finding out that your best friend was murdered must be terrible. Being accused of her murder, however, makes it much worse. And unfortunately, that's exactly the situation our leading lady Grace Atwood finds herself in almost immediately during Freeform's latest murder mystery series Guilt . After a night of serious partying, Grace wakes up to find her roommate Molly's dead body covered in stab wounds and a ton of blood. But who killed Molly Ryan on Guilt ? What was their motivation and, perhaps more importantly, do they plan on doing it again? These are all questions that the freshman series leaves for viewers to ponder, however, they did provide us with quite an extensive suspect list to mull over in the meantime.

First of all, there's Grace herself who definitely did not come across as the most innocent person ever. For starters, her boyfriend Luc was apparently sleeping with Molly as well, so there's a distinct chance that she found out about it and went into a jealous rage. Considering she slashed the tires of a teacher she'd been sleeping with when she discovered he was married, violent behavior (especially violent behavior while intoxicated) definitely doesn't seem out of character for her. That being said, her guilt seems a little too obvious to be legit, so this is all probably part of a red herring meant to distract us from the real killer.

Another viable suspect is Luc since Molly was pregnant, potentially with his child. And then there's the whole blood spatter art he's into, which has a very Dexter-like feel to it. But again, this too seems a little obvious and more than likely won't amount to anything as the episodes unfold. I'm more intrigued by the place Molly appeared to be working, which can only be described as some sort of S&M club, which apparently Buckingham's very own Prince Theo frequents and prefers Molly as his female companion of choice. Could the killer perhaps be one of her clients who became obsessed and jealous of her other suitors? Grace mentioned how Molly thought she was being stalked, and the stalker could've first come across her at this establishment.

Then there's Grace's stepdad, James, who seems to have had a secret relationship with Molly unbeknownst to anyone else. Could he have had a hand in the murderous affair? Like I said, this show has given us plenty of candidates to size up as the season progresses. And therein lies the intrigue of this show. Because even if none of them killed Molly, they're all guilty of something.

Image: Leo Pinter/Freeform