This Photo Of Derek & John Krasinski Face-Mashed Proves 'The Bachelorette' Star Is Literally Jim Halpert

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who uses "literally" when I mean "figuratively" way too often. But, you have to trust me on this one when I say that John Krasinski and Derek from The Bachelorette are literally the same person. Know how I know? I face mashed them on Morphthing and THE PICTURE JUST LOOKS LIKE EXACTLY LIKE JIM HALPERT. Like, I don't know how this planet was blessed by two people who look just like The Office star, but here we are. In addition to looking exactly the same, they are both similarly sweet. I can't help but root for Derek on The Bachelorette, a little bit in part because it's just like watching Jim court Pam all over again. But with more literal fireworks.

While Krasinski has not yet commented on the similarities, Derek has posted a photo to Instagram joking about the comparison. "I just don't see it... @johnkrasinski #elephantintheroom," he jokingly captioned a side-by-side photo of the two of them with a winky face emoji. According to his Instagram, Derek happens to think he has a lot of lookalikes, including Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth and a young Harry Potter. But, he's wrong. He looks like John Krasinski and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Especially after seeing their faces mashed together.

No matter how many doppelgängers Derek posts about on Instagram, he'll always be wrong.

He's Jim Halpert through and through, which is not a bad thing to be. Especially when you're tying to win a lady's heart on national TV.

Images: ABC; Morphthing