'The Shallows' Got Even More Intense In This Clip

Coming face to face with a shark is something that even the most ocean-loving of people fear. There's something particularly scary about realizing that a big thing with teeth has a home field advantage in the water, and while shark attacks are certainly rare, the mere thought of them can send your mind wondering about just what is beneath the ocean's surface. Blake Lively's new movie The Shallows is about a shark attack, but it's also about fighting back against the thing that you fear the most. Can Lively's character Nancy, a surfer on a remote beach, survive coming face to face with her biggest fear, or will she become a victim to an unrelenting shark? You're going to have to watch the nail-biting inducing film to find out, but this exclusive vignette from The Shallows definitely makes us all the more nervous for Nancy.

When "type-A" medical student Nancy is thrown into what Lively calls the "most chaotic, disorganized circumstance you can imagine" during a leisurely surf trip, she has two choices: fight or die. Neither of them are very appealing, but fortunately, Nancy's a fighter. As Lively states, the aspiring doctor is "able to care for herself in a way that not everyone would be equipped to do," which includes sewing up her wounds in a way that med school definitely didn't teach her.

Of course, while Nancy may be a fighter, she's also in one of the most dangerous situations ever, which should give us enough reason to worry about Lively's character. Trapped on a rock with her bloodthirsty shark circling, Nancy has no choice but to swim for the gun attached to the bouey floating just a little too far away from her safe landing. Without the gun, she could die waiting for help, but diving into the water is certainly not the ideal scenario. Will Nancy be a match for the shark, or its next meal? We'll have to wait for the film to find out, but until then, check out the pulse-racing clip below:

The Shallows hits theaters June 24.

Images: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube