'PLL' Creator's New Book 'The Amateurs' Will Get A Sneak Peek On 'Pretty Little Liars' In Season 7

Fans of Pretty Little Liars can look forward to plenty of cameos from long absent characters in Season 7 — it seems that everyone from Paige to Jenna to Noel is returning to Rosewood for what could be the final season of PLL. Now, it seems that we're getting a cameo from something else entirely: a book written by the author of the original Pretty Little Liars book series, Sara Shepard. Shepard, who also penned The Lying Game series in addition to a slew of other YA novels, revealed during her Bustle app takeover that she is launching a brand-new book series titled The Amateurs , out November 1, 2016, and it's that book series that we'll soon see on Freeform. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Amateurs will appear in a Season 7 episode of Pretty Little Liars , so keep an eye out for what could become your new favorite mystery series.

We'll get a look at the cover of The Amateurs during the July 5 episode of Pretty Little Liars. As seen in the exclusive image from The Hollywood Reporter, the books will appear in a scene with Emily and the hippie barista Sabrina, and it's very likely that the scene takes place at Ezra's book-happy coffee shop The Brew. It seems that Pretty Little Liars is set a few months ahead of our real-life timeline, as unfortunately fans won't be able to get their hands on the first book of this series until it hits shelves in the fall.


The Amateurs is the first book from Disney Publishing’s new Freeform imprint, and it certainly sounds like a series that would fit in very well to the Pretty Little Liars universe. In fact, the series sounds a great deal like Pretty Little Liars itself. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is about Seneca Frazier, an 18-year-old who is obsessed with finding out what happened to high schooler Helena Kelly, who disappeared from their Connecticut hometown five years earlier. She teams up with her friends Maddy, Brett and Helena’s sister Aerin to discover what happened to Helena. Of course, because this is a Shepard novel, Seneca has her own secrets — as does everyone she comes across.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freeform will look to cross develop the books across other formats, which could possibly mean that The Amateurs has the potential to be developed for television in the same way that Pretty Little Liars was. Given that PLL is in its (possible) final season on Freeform, it's great to know that Shepard has more mysteries to share with us — especially if they can make awesome TV shows like PLL has.

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